No more dinner drama! A NSM reviews My Food Bag

Meals by My Food Bag
Meals by My Food Bag

If you’re the resident chef in your household, the ‘what’s for dinner?’ question can seem never-ending. North Shore Mum Olivia Wilson took the drama out of her dinner time by trying My Food Bag – and she couldn’t be more impressed. 


The box of goodies arrives!

There are so many different brands of food-and-recipe home delivery services on the market, but when My Food Bag came onto the scene, that was the one that I wanted to try. Cooking for a family of four every night can become dull and boring and it meant that every day, I had an answer to the question,”What’s for dinner?” every night.

The service works by allowing you to select the bag that suits your family best, including My Classic Food Bag (which can be ordered for three or five nights worth of meals), My Gourmet Food Bag, My Family Food Bag and My Own Food Bag (for one).  

How It Works


Locally-sourced fresh produce

We’re a family of four (my daughter is 6 and my son is 8 in a week) and we received the Classic 3 Meal Bag which included all the ingredients that we would need for three nights of main meals for the family, plus three recipe cards and a handy folder to clip them in so eventually you have a DIY book of go-to recipes you can keep on hand for the future.  There are also a few staples that they tell you in advance to have on hand – stuff that’s usually in the pantry, like olive oil, flour or salt.

We were allocated a two hour delivery window and the well-mannered driver arrived promptly with our delivery – and it was a great haul of amazing fresh produce and locally sourced goodies! The perishables were kept cold with portable ice packs and the fresh produce was amazing.

My Food Bag source their items from local producers and you can definitely tell – the lamb mince was top quality and and the carrots were the biggest I have ever seen! All meat, fish and poultry are sustainably sourced, grass-fed and organic, so you can feed your family with good quality, local produce without the high price tag, plus you’re supporting locally-owned businesses. 

What You Get

The Classic bag is billed as ‘modern cuisine that appeals to a diverse range of palates’ and these were the meals that were planned for us:

  • Mediterranean Baked Fish with Herb & Parmesan Couscous
  • Chicken Parmigiana with Chips and Garlic butter vegetables
  • Lamb and Herb Patties with maple pumpkin, veggies and tangy peanut drizzle.

For us, although each family member seemed to have their favourites, the winner was probably the lamb patties with the baked fish a close second.

The Experience


Menu cards make recipes easy to follow

The ingredients are carefully measured out for each delivery and some are used in more than one meal, so there’s no dealing with food wastage or guilt over the leftover veggies going bad in the fridge.

The recipes are clear and easy to follow, although it’s important to read the menus carefully to ensure you allocate time to preheat your oven as this isn’t factored into preparation times. Some of the recipes involved more steps than I would normally do cooking each night, so you need to be organised. But on the other hand, the service saves you an enormous amount of time by selecting what meals will suit you, plus delivering the recipes and the ingredients to your door. As a result, your healthy, balanced meals for the week become a no-brainer.

There’s no struggle to come up with new ideas, or recycling the same old dishes; no mission to the shops to stock up on foods and no annoying moment of realising you have forgotten a key ingredient in the rush of shopping. It’s all taken care of with one quick delivery. 

My kids (who thought they were the judges of MasterChef) did need to be encouraged to try new things on the menu, (which isn’t a bad thing) and there was some reluctance, however, overall they enjoyed the meals…especially the maple pumpkin! Some kids may not be used to baked fish over the fried variety but it is great for them to try and there are certainly combinations that I thought that they would not like but they surprised me by tucking in. As well, the serving sizes were more than generous and would feed four adults with a large serve – a great option for leftovers for lunches. 

The Best Bits 

  • You all know what is on the menu for the week so the kids don’t have to pester you
  • All the shopping is done for you and delivered to your home
  • The quality of the produce is excellent and supports local businesses
  • A tasty and well balanced menu is all planned for you. 
  • The website is very clear and shows what is on offer the following week and show what staples you need in the pantry.

Overall, it’s a great service for those that want a variety of meals and to save time on shopping.

Want to try My Food Bag for yourself? North Shore Mums can get $45 off their first order! Simply enter promo code NSM2016 at the checkout. Click here to order. 


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