Nicolette Boele is standing up for Bradfield in the upcoming election


North Turramurra executive and mum, Nicolette Boele, is standing as a community independent for the seat of Bradfield in the upcoming federal election. She plans to take her more than 25 years’ real-world experience in responsible investment, clean energy and climate policy to get action on the issues that really matter to Bradfield locals.

There is no doubt that Nicolette Boele (pronounced Buller) is a local candidate for Bradfield: she has lived 41 of her 51 years in the electorate, including in St Ives, Gordon and most recently, North Turramurra. The daughter of Dutch migrant parents, Nicolette attended Gordon East Public School, Killara High School and even went to university in the area at the former UTS campus at Lindfield. Now she is raising her two teenage children here with her husband Jonathan.

Nicolette launched her community independent campaign at the end of January this year, driven by two key issues: to restore integrity and accountability to politics and to drive greater climate action to give our kids and future generations a better future. Already her campaign has gained a lot of support from fellow Bradfield voters who are seeking the same and who see the inclusion of more independents in Parliament as a way to break the political deadlock.

“As an independent, I’ll be able to push whichever party forms government to create better policies and legislation,” says Nicolette. “Also, I won’t be forced to toe the party line or be distracted by internal party politics, I’ll be free to focus on representing the priorities and values of the people of Bradfield in Canberra.”

Nicolette Boele speaking at her campaign launch in St Ives on 30 January 2022

Nicolette Boele speaking at her campaign launch in St Ives on 30 January 2022

Nicolette’s real-world experience

As well as her insights into the local community, Nicolette also brings decades experience in high-level roles to her candidacy, having had roles with leading organisations such as the Responsible Investment Association Australasia, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Investor Group on Climate Change, the Climate Institute, the Australian Conservation Foundation and various roles with government departments.

A self-confessed lover of business and markets, Nicolette is inspired by the potential for investments and the right incentives to drive positive change for our environment, our communities and for our economy.

“I see the climate challenge as an enormous opportunity for Australia. Of course, we need bold action to limit the consequences of irreversible climate change for our kids and their kids,” says Nicolette. “But we also have a chance to respond in a way that sets Australia up to be competitive, productive and sustainable in a low-carbon future. It’s not an either-or.”

Nicolette will use her decades of real-world experience to get action on Bradfield's priority issues

Nicolette will use her decades of real-world experience to get action on Bradfield’s priority issues

Ready to prove there is no such thing as a safe seat

The seat of Bradfield has long been considered a ‘safe’ seat. Since it was created in 1949, the seat of Bradfield has been represented by just five men, all members of the Liberal Party. However, this history does not deter Nicolette.

“I think the only reason the seat has been considered safe is because the voters haven’t had a viable alternative before. And times have changed. It’s 2022 and the election of Zali Steggall in Warringah is proof that people are ready for new voices and that there really is no such thing as a safe seat,” says Nicolette.

“People are moving away from the idea that our communities can only be represented by two major parties, and they can see the major parties aren’t getting the job done. We should have greater diversity of representation in Parliament to reflect the diversity of people and ideas in our country. That’s why more independents are standing in this election than ever before. People are ready for more and I think Bradfield is ready, too.”

Returning focus to policies that care about people 

One of Nicolette’s key principles of her campaign is to look out for each other, because that’s what Australians do. Like many people, Nicolette is frustrated at the lack of action on improving the quality of aged care for our older Australians, believing there should be more funding and more regulations in the sector. Not only will this give older Australians the dignity and care they deserve, it will also mean staff are paid appropriately and not working under extreme pressure.

“It’s been more than a year since the final report of the Aged Care Royal Commission was handed down and we have little to show for it. We need action and resources, not endless reports. The same goes for the NDIS and those living with disability and their carers and more support and places for families seeking child care. Our communities deserve better,” says Nicolette.

Countdown to the election

Nicolette Boele Bradfield

A large crowed of supporters were there for Nicolette’s campaign launch at St Ives Village Green

With the federal election set for Saturday 21 May, Nicolette is busy every day on the campaign trail, all while being a wife and mum, including to a child completing the HSC.

“I’m fortunate to have the support of my wonderful husband and a team of almost 400 volunteers. It inspires me every day and reminds me that we have tapped into something really special here, there’s a real desire for change in Bradfield and right now the stakes have never been higher. I keep telling people, if you only vote independent just once in your life, make it at this election,” says Nicolette.

You can learn more about Nicolette’s campaign and donate and volunteer on her website.

You can also watch webinars hosted by Nicolette on key topics (such as climate action, the economy, aged care and integrity in politics) on the website and see upcoming events where you can meet Nicolette.

Follow Nicolette’s campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Nicolette Boele introduces herself

Essential Details

DISCLAIMER: This is a paid advertorial for Nicolette Boele. North Shore Mums has no political affiliations. 

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