New Playground! Gordon Recreation Ground

Gordon Recreation Ground

We are excited about the amount of new parks cropping up all over the North Shore. These purpose-built parks have been designed to cater to kids of all ages and abilities, with plenty of space for adults to stand back and enjoy a coffee and a chat as they watch on. The Gordon Recreation Ground has it all with tennis courts behind, plenty of street parking, and shops nearby.

I love exploring with the kids and we are always keen for a park play date. The kids love being able to run free, and it’s a great chance to catch up with friends of a morning. I took my three kids, Cassie (4), Vivi (2) and Elliot (14 months) to check out the Gordon Recreation Ground, and here’s what we thought.

Getting to Gordon Recreation Ground

Just down from Gordon station this is a very well-place playground for kids. Whether you are catching the train or driving, coffee is covered with the local shops nearby and parking is easy. There is plenty of street parking on either side of the playground, depending on how you want to walk through to it. We parked on Rosedale Road, which made unloading nice and easy. I got the kids out of the car and they ran straight for the fenced park at Gordon Recreation Ground and waited outside for me. It was easy to keep an eye on them as I unloaded everything we needed.

Play area for babies and toddlers

Elliot is 14 and a half months and still not standing (we are a family of late walkers!), but he loves exploring. Gone are the days when I can take him to a park and expect him to just sit in the stroller and watch. I got him out straight away and he loved crawling between the tennis balls sticking out the ground. These were a nice touch given the tennis court right next to the park. For the big kids, these tennis balls were a chance to practice their balance, for the little ones, it was a good climbing place. Elliot even stopped a few times to glance over at the people playing tennis next to us.

If you head across to the other side of the park there is a fun double slide that the kids adored. It’s big enough to have races down with a soft play rocking climbing wall to get back up again.

Vivi on the slide Gordon Recreation Ground

Vivi on the slide

In the middle of the park is more fun for kids of all ages. The girls loved spinning on this and we even popped Elliot on. He happily sat there for ages as I slowly pushed them around and around.

VIvi and Elliot spinning

VIvi and Elliot spinning

There are plenty of fun ‘seesaw’ type toys around as well, which Vivi and Elliot both loved. It was really easy to just let Elliot have free reign (with a watchful eye) through this park, which was one of the biggest benefits. He loved it just as much as well!

Play area for the bigger kids

Cassie was excited as soon as we entered the playground with the giant net in the middle.

This dome shaped climbing structure has it all, with a swing underneath, along with a balancing bridge, plus plenty of room to climb all over it. She was confident to do it all on her own and I was able to just stand back and watch her.

There are sandstone ledges in the middle of the park that Cassie thought were brilliant for climbing and jumping off.

Gordon Recreation Ground

Cassie jumping off the rocks

Swings at Gordon Recreation Ground

My kids are obsessed with the swings at any park. Vivi will sit in one for hours if I let her! The Gordon Recreation Ground did not disappoint. They had the big netted swing that Cassie claimed straight away, with two normal sings next to it. Once again, no baby swing! This seems to be a common theme with these newly built parks, so Elliot made do with the big netted one (when his sisters allowed him on).

Picnics and shade

One of the great things about this park is the large amount of fenced-in grass area at the bottom of it. It’s perfect to bring along a picnic blanket and set yourself up while the kids play and would also be a great area for kids’ parties.

Grassed area for picnics

There is a wooden table and chairs under cover off to the side of the park, and a few different seating options around the park as well.

Final thoughts…

Be warned this park was busy! Not only is it new, but we happened to go at the start of school holidays and there were lots of bigger kids around. Cassie started to get a bit nervous on the climbing frame for this reason, and was keen to head home earlier than usual.

Essential Details: Gordon Recreation Ground

  • Where: Rosedale Road Gordon
  • Parking: Street parking
  • Toilets: No, but some nearby
  • Sunshade: just over the seated area
  • Enclosed: Yes
  • Seats: Benches
  • Nearby Refreshments: Plenty of cafes and shops nearby

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