New trend! 12 amazing “after-labour” hampers for a new mum

The latest trend in gifts for brand-new mums is a hamper bursting with “after-labour” goodies for her to enjoy during her hospital stay (or beyond!). If you don’t have the budget for a gorgeous professionally-wrapped basket, you can also opt for a DIY a hamper for the lucky mummy. It’s can be personal than a purchased gift, you can truly pick and choose the very best and most practical items to include – plus, you can work to any budget you like! Here are some of our favourite tried-and tested items to include.

Great ideas for an after-labour hamper:

  1. Cheese and Wine Gift Basket from Gourmet Basket

    Cheese and Wine Gift Basket from Gourmet Basket

    A selection of soft cheeses such a a round of Brie, to make up for all that lost time skipping soft cheese!

  2. A selection of chocolate biscuits and indulgent, aromatic tea bags with a gorgeous mug to make her tea breaks special.
  3. Shampoo, conditioner or dry shampoo for freshening her hairdo (and making her feel presentable) during that hospital stay.
  4. A pair of elegant, comfortable pyjamas with a matching robe and slippers for when she starts to shuffle around the hospital.
  5. A collection of glossy magazine matched to her special interests for whiling away the time between feeds.
  6. A warm, knitted throw or blanket with some matching warm socks to keep her warm and cosy in chilly hospital air-conditioning.
  7. A scented shower gel or delicious-smelling soap to make her shower time a sweet and relaxing time.
  8. A headband, hair elastics, bobby pins and shower cap to help her handle her hair and feel comfortable.
  9. For the more practically-mined (or if you’re super close mates!) a chemist collection of nipple cream and lady pads may be appreciated.
  10. A Keep Cup or reusable water bottle to keep handy on their bedside table.
  11. A comfortable pillow (or breastfeeding pillow) for extra comfort in the hospital bed.
  12. Handmade or home-baked cakes, cookies (perhaps lactation cookies, for the breastfeeding mums) or muffins with a personal note.

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