Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (that are perfect for isolation!)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (that are perfect for isolation!)
Mother's Day Gift Ideas (that are perfect for isolation!) from Red Balloon

It’s almost Mother’s Day, when all of our hard work and endless effort is rewarded with gifts of burned toast and or a wilted flower in an egg cup. As lovely as these heartfelt, handmade gifts from the kids can be, this year there might be a more memorable way to celebrate with some of these clever and unique gift ideas from RedBalloon. With lockdown in place for now, we’ve made sure the experiences and offers are just as impressive for isolation life (with a few extras thrown in for down the track). Happy Mother’s Day!

Thinking of Mother’s Day Gift ideas that are perfect for isolation might have you heading straight to the too-hard basket! But finding that perfect gift is as easy as checking out some online options and then subtly sending them off  to the family for a surprise you actually want on Mother’s Day. And don’t forget to splurge on your own mum so she knows just how much you love her, even if lockdown is keeping your apart. In fact, with so many of us separated, it’s even more meaningful to show someone how much you have been thinking of them by doing something special.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas (that are perfect for isolation!)

High Tea at home

Eating in (especially indulging!) makes staying home and staying safe a pleasure. Home cooking kits, online cooking courses, spirit tasting kits, wine blending workshops, and at home dining experiences are just some Mother’s Day gift ideas that are perfect for isolation.

Reinvent the classic High Tea tradition in your living room, and enjoy an opulent high tea curated by the Woodman Estate. The deconstructed high tea is delivered  and features lots of lovely, delicious treats and beautiful keepsake items that will remind you of how much you’re loved with every use in years to come.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas (that are perfect for isolation!)

A perfectly curated collection of high tea treats to help you celebrate in style at home

What’s Included?

  • Deconstructed high tea curated by the Woodman Estate
  • Woodman Estate Fine Foods Gourmet Preserve Collection
  • Royal Albert classic cup and saucer
  • Artisan bread board and knife
  • Decadent tin of chocolates
  • Woodman Estate tote bag
  • Woodman Estate’s acclaimed scone recipe
  • Woodman Estate Fine Foods Preserve – 330g
  • Delivery
  • Cost $185

If High Tea isn’t your thing, you can still wine and dine in style with something like a or if that’s too much work on a day when you might want to spoil yourself, a Spanish Paella Kit or order up a

Wine & dining experiences at home

DIY Day Spa

Mums need someone to take care of them, although often our families forget this fact! This year, make sure you’re treated right with a stress-busting, muscle-soothing spa experience in your own home, or book up a spot to take the strain of isolation away and set the date for post COVID-19 quarantine!

Top of the list? Send your partner along to this 90-minute and volunteer as the subject, plus ask for some vouchers to use weekly at your ‘home day spa’, just to make sure they keep their skills sharp!

mothers day gifts (that are perfect for isolation)

Relax! This package will teach your partner skills you’ll benefit from again and again

During this online lesson, a fully qualified therapist will guide you through the essential techniques of massage therapy, including the most effective zones to treat for instant relaxation and when and when not to massage. Bring a partner along for the class and get hands-on, following your guide and performing all the tricks of the trade. If you always get tired hands after massaging, your teacher will also provide some expert pointers.

What’s Included?

  • 1.5 hour online massage lesson
  • Instruction from fully qualified therapist
  • Cost: $180

For a fun version, sign up for with your own mum, or your mum’s group!

Spa & Wellness

Mystery box! Say it with a hamper

Did someone say ‘gift hamper’! A big box arriving on the doorstep is one of those lovely thrilling moments just full of anticipation. Suggest a few of these mystery boxes to your other half, or send one along to brighten someone’s Mother’s Day in isolation.

This pamper pack comes with two classic mum crowd-pleasers, chocolates and wine!

Mothers Day Gift Ideas (that are perfect for isolation!)

Wine and chocolate can be a failsafe if your husband or partner is looking for a gift to send

What’s Included?

  • Simon Johnson Valrhona Dark Chocolate Pearls 60g
  • Rinaldi Almond Nougat 86g
  • Nina’s Turkish Delight Bar
  • Nina’s Salted Caramels (Dark Chocolate) 100g
  • Nina’s Peanut Caramel Chews (Milk Chocolate)100g
  • Choc Pot Rocky Road
  • Choc Pot Honeycomb
  • Bizzari – Crack Tops
  • Bizzari – Choc Dipped Oranges
  • Organic Times Choc Coated Macadamias
  • Piper Heidsieck Rose
  • Your personalised gift message will be printed on a Bockers & Pony gift card and included with your gift
  • Cost: $239

For other hamper ideas (and they’re not all wine and treats!), take a look at the , or a . We also love this .

Gifts & Hampers

Buy some TIME! (and add a killer cuppa)

If you’ve had it with home-schooling or simply want a guaranteed hour to yourself, this is the gift that gives back! Buy up some entertainment for the kids, and you’ll receive a blissful hour of silence, the chance to finish a sentence, or a dedicated dinner for you and your partner with no interruptions. Better yet, book this in combination with something separate for yourself and you’ll have double the chance to enjoy yourself.

is a double whammy! You can reclaim your evening time with this booking, where your bub can tune into an online storybook reading of Loopy Luna and the Hula Hoop and then either try some hula hoop moves with professional coaching to  or lesson, where they’ll help them learn flashy hula hoop tricks and moves. For younger kids, the differently-abled, or anyone who prefers, the author will perform a cool hula demo! While all that’s going on, sneak outside and enjoy  absolute silence, or have a conversation with your actual partner! Remember when we had time to do that?!

If you like to celebrate Mum’s Day as a family, opt for the


Kids adore the story of Loopy Luna and the Hula Hoop, and afterwards learn some moves

What’s Included?

  • Kids storybook reading of Loopy Luna and the Hula Hoop with the author
  • Choose between an online demo or hula hoop lesson
  • Cost: $60

Or take a look at this or a . For an extra-appropriate mum gift, ask someone to snag you (or send a friend) the and you’ll not only get a great cuppa on the day, but every day after!

Get more Mum time!

Skill yourself up!

We’ve all heard people talk about how isolation is a great time to learn a new skill…but a lot of those people must be childless! Nevertheless, if there’s something you’ve always wanted to dabble in, asking for a course for Mother’s Day also means your partner agrees to entertain the kids while you skill up! This is another great gift option for Mother’s Day for your own mum, who might  be a grandma is isolation looking for something interesting to do through the COVID-19 lockdown days.

Sign up for something fun together, like this and get painting (even in your pyjamas!). You could even take it next level by sending some snacks to enjoy while you swish that paintbrush like a pro!

Online Paint and sip red balloon

This is a top idea for your own mum, who might be in isolation looking for something fun to do!

What’s Included?

  • 10 day access to your choice of online paint and sip session
  • Step by step guidance from an expert artist
  • Start and pause at any stage
  • Cost: $25

Whatever you want to try your hand at, you’ll find everything online from a to a , so check out the options!

Skills to try

Experiences for virtual life (and post lockdown!)

We can’t go out for the moment, but these amazing experiences come to you! You could go for something fancy like a , and you’ll practically feel the wind in your hair! With Captain Stu to virtually welcome you aboard the gorgeous Ellen R, you’ll soon be floating  across the world famous Sydney Harbour complete with glimpses of iconic highlights (while mixing up some nifty drinks!)

mother's day gifts

Keep the drinks flowing with this virtual whisky and cheese experience on the Ellen R boat

What’s Included?

  • Virtual cocktail making experience aboard Ellen R
  • Interact with Captain Stu during the session
  • Cost: $85 per passenger

For lockdown days, unique Mother’s Day gifts really make life a little easier. You could even go for something super unusual like a , an  or give yourself a front row seat to a and have a few much-needed laughs.

Unique experiences

Winery Tours

Take the night off for this ! You’ll open up a gift to find tonics, five different gins, garnishes, tasting notes and access to a virtual tasting experience and distillery tour. Perfect for both gin loves and curious newcomers looking for an elegant evening indoors.

mother's day gift ideas

Join Tiny Bear Distillery on a virtual cellar door experience to learn more about a tipple you love

What’s Included?

  • Tiny Bear Distillery package
  • 2 x Strange Love tonics
  • 1 x 50ml Doctor (1.7 Standard drinks)
  • 1 x 50ml Gypsy (1.7 Standard drinks)
  • 1 x 50ml Barrel Aged Gypsy (1.8 Standard drinks)
  • 1 x 50ml Sailor (2.3 Standard drinks)
  • 1 x 50ml TB Brew liqueur (1 Standard drink)
  • Tasting notes
  • Dehydrated garnishes
  • Access to virtual tasting experience and distillery tour
  • 10% discount off your next Tiny Bear Distillery online order
  • Delivery
  • Cost: $60

Don’t  love gin? Maybe  check out an or opt for an , or book now for an experience post-COVID-19 for a something you will truly look forward to through the next few weeks!

Explore more wineries

Get the gift you choose!

Don’t forget, you can always make sure you truly love your Mother’s Day gift (or that your own mum does!) by opting for a gift voucher. And, we all know lockdown won’t last forever, so this option also lets you bide your time until restrictions are lifted and then book in for something spectacular to celebrate. RedBalloon have some incredible options, from hot air ballooning to jet skiing, so grab a gift voucher and use it to book something for when we’re out and about again.

Buy a Gift Voucher

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