Why I'm switching to Modern Cloth Nappies

I was given the chance to review modern cloth nappies (MCNs) from Destination Green, an online website that is run by local mum, Emma Hale.

My last experience with cloth nappies was over 17 years ago with my now almost 18 year old. White, pins and loads of soaking. I had used them out of necessity more than choice.

The first thing that struck me when I saw these ones was the designs. I got three nappies – two normal and one swim nappy. All three were funky gorgeous prints that came with inserts. Each nappy has multiple press studs to accommodate babies from newborn to well into the toddler years.

Funky designs for MCNs

Funky designs for MCNs

The nappies are very easy to use – just put the insert in, and press the sides together. They fit snugly and comfortably, eliminating the leakage I had concerns over. They are soft and look great on little bodies. My 20 month old was fascinated by his new ‘pants’.

We experienced both number 1 and 2s during the trial… and I’m pleased to report that the nappies held well without any leakages.

Washing them is really easy, you just throw them in the machine! They came out clean, soft and remained that way after line drying.

Rocking the monster swim pants

Rocking the monster swim pants

Next up was the swim nappy. We have a pool and go through endless disposable swim pants. For some reason Master F loves doing poos in the pool, and they have often leaked.

With the cloth nappies there was a great fit, they were thin and comfortable, looked fantastic and held everything inside. Another success.

Overall, I was greatly impressed. They were very easy to use, easier to clean and you are helping the environment all in one go. I’d highly recommend them to any parent considering ditching the disposables… just give them a try, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Alison lives in Roseville, and is a stay at home mum to five children aged 18 years to 8 months. She loves reading, writing, family & friends. She hates cooking and cleaning, and is obsessed with social media.

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