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Merry ideas for Advent Calendars!

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North Shore mum Nicola shared her idea for an Advent Calendar for a three-year-old on the Facebook Group recently…

I am trying to steer clear of the commercial chocolate calendars this year, and instead want to extend and encourage the Christmas cheer for the whole month of December. I am looking for extra ideas, in the theme of Christmas fun, generosity, kindness, family time etc. We are not religious, but I am tossing up on whether to include some religious activities? I will prints the ideas out on little cards and pop one into each day on our Christmas hanging. I have pasted my ideas below, but would appreciate any extras.

  • Choose and decorate the Christmas tree
  • Bake a gingerbread house
  • Decorate the gingerbread house
  • Attend a carol concert
  • Take the children to see a pantomime
  • Make some Christmas cards/wrapping paper
  • Buy a gift for another child via the Kmart wishing tree
  • Daytrip to the city to see the Christmas lights, windows, trees etc
  • Go out at night to visit the streets with Christmas lights
  • Have a Christmas movie night with popcorn
  • Make some gingerbread/Christmas treats and deliver them to the local fire station
  • Make some Christmas decorations for the tree/child’s room
  • Christmas craft – Santa, reindeer etc
  • Make some Christmas cookies and deliver them to the neighbours
  • Visit and have a photo with Santa
  • Help wrap up presents

And here are more fabulous ideas from our mums!

Carli: I did this one year when my kids wee a bit younger. It was really fun! I’m not Australian, so my list included things such as going ice skating, making paper snow flakes, and taking a sleigh ride… Don’t suppose that would work here, hmmm. One bit of advice – you’ll get burnt out if every day is a big activity you’ve got to prepare for. Mix in some easy things that are fun, but not necessarily Christmas specific. Games and puzzles. Christmas colouring sheets. Reading a Christmas story. What about being a secret Santa for someone in the family by doing something for them in secret? Good luck!

Alana: Target has amazing DIY Advent Calendars that are really cute, and have fun activities to do, too!

Bronwyn: We do this Christmas book countdown. There is a little choc santa wrapped in with each book!


Daniela Castro-Foote: Truth in the Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands is great to follow on Facebook for ideas.

Edwina: Read The Christmas Story? Or break up The Christmas Story into little parts and read a little over a number of days.

Cristin: I’ve been working on a list of ideas, and a few other ones I’ve come up with this morning.

  • Get a new Christmas book (could even be from the library)
  • Go to Darling Harbour Christmas festivities
  • Have a dance party to Christmas music
  • Pick out a pair of Christmas pyjamas (I know lots of people do this on Christmas Eve, but I like the idea of them getting more wear)

Jeanne: Each year we also do a book Advent Calendar. I wrap 24 books. Each day, starting on the 1st of December ,we play hot and cold till munchkin finds the first book. Then we read it together. It is great fun.

Natasha: Peg 24 little sacks to a real Christmas tree using Christmas pegs. Fill each sack with sweets and small toys, such as Matchbox cars.

Laura: Put together some blessing bags and give them to some homeless people. Also, I just went to kikki.K. The shop has a Xmas book with paper craft and they sell packets of ‘snow’. You poor water on these little granules and they turn in to fluffy snow!

Got any more ideas? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

More DIY Christmas ideas…

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