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Do your kids just love scrolling endless videos on YouTube and clicking from one mindless clip to the next? Same! It’s enough to drive you bonkers. Not anymore. If you want quality children’s entertainment, then subscribe to local Ozzie on YouTube! Fill their days with fun, educational videos that will excite and engage and say goodbye to mindless scrolling. It’s a win-win! We chat with the brains behind this amazing new channel and give you the lowdown on what you can expect.

Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie!

Ozzie Youtube

Here’s a story no doubt many of us are familiar with. Ringing in the New Year 2020 with high hopes for a successful year and bam. Out of nowhere, Covid-19 derails the entire world and turns it upside down.

For two Sydney dads – Dylan and Scott – it was a chance to step outside their comfort zone and tackle something completely new. After struggling to find work in their industries, they turned the camera on and brought Ozzie the YouTube channel to life – a fun character who could teach kids important life lessons.

Scott was a designer, who used to work behind the scenes to bring other people’s works to life. While Dylan worked in film and television and knew all the ins and outs.

Fast-forward two years, and you can head to their YouTube channel to discover more than 100 episodes that cover everything from Irish dancing and Garbage Trucks and Superheroes to making Anzac cookies and learning to cross the road safely – they cover everything!

Get watching

With more than 100 videos to choose from (and growing all the time!), there’s plenty of videos for your kids to catch-up on! Time to hand over the tablet or pop on the TV and go and make yourself a coffee the kids are sorted!

Learn the ABC with Ozzie’s brand new ABC song

This upbeat fun version of the ABC song is sure to get your kids singing along and learning at the same time.

Big Machines For Kids

Garbage trucks, lawnmowers + gardening tools, fire trucks, big and little excavators all in one awesome video! Join Ozzie for so much fun as he explores all this big, loud and fun machinery.

Learn About Aboriginal Song & Dance With Ozzie

Ozzie teaches kids about Indigenous Australian culture and more specifically Aboriginal Song & Dance. Learn all about the Acknowledgment of Country, musical instruments, and the yidaki or didgeridoo.

Learn To Surf With Sally Fitzgibbons & Ozzie

Ozzie is joined by world-class Australian surfer Sally Fitzgibbons for a learn-to-surf lesson.

Learn About ANZAC Day for Kids

Learn about the history of ANZAC Day, Simpson & His Donkey and the important roles animals play in war. Ozzie visits the Australian War Memorial in Canberra and talks about some of the beautiful monuments there.

Behind the scenes with Scott and Dylan

Ozzie Youtube

We chat with Dylan about everything Ozzie on their YouTube Channel, from how they brought the idea to life to where they hope to see it go in the future.

Where did the idea for Ozzie come from?

I guess the idea came from my kids asking to watch a show about something, like fire trucks or garbage trucks, and then struggling to find good content anywhere for this. YouTube had a few but I thought, “I can probably actually do better than this…so why not have a go”.

How did you get it off the ground?

After coming up with the initial idea. I went looking for someone to be ‘Ozzie’. My good mate Scott, who is a graphic designer, agreed to design the logo, and then have a go at being ‘Ozzie’…everything fell into place from there.

What do you hope kids get from your videos?

Learnings, ideas, inspiration and hopefully a passion. There is so much out there for kids to learn about, and when they find something that ignites a spark, that can grow to something they love to do. And when you do something you love, you are generally happy… and that’s what all kids need to be.

How do you come up with new ideas?

That’s the easy part for me. I simply go for a walk and will come up with 3–4 ideas from what I see around me, for what I think might make a good episode. But the difficult part is then creating the episode. For us now it is more about listening to our fans and creating episodes that we think they want to watch.

Do you have a favourite video (and Scott)?

Dylan: That’s a tough question… I think my two favourite episodes at the moment are our full ANZAC Day episode – because we were able to film this at the War Memorial in Canberra and it has some important educational content in there as well and the Justice League Superhero episode, just because it is fun and who doesn’t love Superheroes…

Scott: I think personally my favourites would be the Indigenous culture videos – ‘Aboriginal Song and Dance’ and ‘Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony’. We have so much rich culture in our country with Aboriginal Australians being the oldest known civilisation on Earth. Something to be very proud of and share and learn more about with our kids. I’ve also had plenty of fun experiences meeting some awesome people while shooting Ozzie and another favourite would have to be the Learn To Surf episode we shot with Sally Fitzgibbons. Such an Aussie legend and an amazing person!

Where do you hope to see Ozzie go?

I just hope to see Ozzie continue to grow. I really believe we are creating plenty of fun and educational content for Aussie kids and kids all around the world. And with our new Ozzie music venture kicking off now, this adds a whole new fun way to teach kids about… everything. Everyone needs to learn their ABCs and every parent needs a fun way to help kids brush their teeth, so make sure you check these new Ozzie songs out!

A big thanks to everyone that has supported us this far into the journey and will continue into the future… our fans, our guests, our friends and families and most importantly our wives and kids thanks SJ and Kater.


Ozzie YouTube: Essential Details

Ozzie Youtube

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