Donate to StreetWork this Christmas, and help turn a young life around


If you’d like to give back to our community this holiday season, donating to a local charity is a wonderful thing to do. North Shore Mums is a charitable ambassador for StreetWork, an incredible local organisation that helps at-risk young people turn their lives around.

Like many charities this year, vital funding via donations has been reduced, thanks to the global pandemic. If you’re now looking to support a local charity, please consider a Christmas donation to StreetWork.

Your donation to Streetwork makes an impact

  • StreetWork helps at-risk young people – one of the most vulnerable groups in our society
  • Their success rate for turning a valuable young life around is over 85%
  • For every $1 donated, 92c goes directly into funding our KickStart Mentoring programs and services
  • Each $1 you donate scales to a $16 return in community benefit. StreetWork is one of Sydney’s leading social return on investment (SROI) charities.

Each year, Streetwork helps many young people in Sydney’s North get their lives back on track.

While each individual has a story that is unique, they all share a background of great personal suffering and countless challenges. They also share the experience and pride of driving their own personal turn-arounds.

Listen to and read their personal stories as they are invariably the best people to explain how StreetWork helps teens in their journey to turning their lives around.


Joel’s StreetWork Story

Mandy’s StreetWork Story

Jayden’s StreetWork Story


Jayden* was referred to StreetWork by the Child & Adolescent Mental Health unit.Struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, he had become very socially isolated. Through weekly mentoring sessions with one of our youth workers, Jayden identified he wanted to overcome his anxiety and start to build his confidence by taking part in different youth activities. Over the last few months, Jayden has attended  different social activities and his confidence is slowly building. He is learning to manage and overcome his anxiety and panic attacks. *Not his real name

Isobella’s StreetWork Story


Referred to SreetWork by a local mental health organisation, Isobella* had dropped out of school and was very socially isolated. She also struggled with anxiety. Isabel attended weekly mentoring sessions as part of KickStart with one of our youth workers. She developed a number of personal goals she wanted to work on. She wanted help in overcoming her anxiety and she wanted to start some sort of further education or apprenticeship. Supported by the youth worker, Isobella learnt strategies to manage her anxiety. She also applied for and is currently attending TAFE to study hairdressing.

*Not her real name

Why choose StreetWork as your charity?

StreetWork’s ability to help at-risk young people to turn their lives around depends on generous donations from people, companies and associations. They do not receive government funding and are grateful for people like you, who for the past 40 years have helped us to support vulnerable 11 – 18 year olds.

Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. A receipt will be mailed or emailed to your address.

The contribution your donation makes

Rachel Chappell, Founder of North Shore Mums, is an Ambassador for StreetWork. Please support this charity, if you can.

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