Losing it…my wrinkles, that is! A first-timer tries Botox

Discovering a new set of crows feet around your eyes or a set of wrinkles around your lips can be a deflating experience, and one that might have you wondering what you can do about it. So often you might think of Botox, but have no idea what to expect, or even where to go! A NSM put the procedure to the test as a first timer….and here’s how it went. 

Antonia Beattie from Lose Your Wrinkles is a nurse with over 30 years’ nursing experience. Whether she is in a hospital theatre or doing cosmetic enhancement, this is a lady who knows what she is talking about! Doing cosmetic injections takes the knowledge of a scientist, the skill of a craftsman, the eye of an artist and the laid-back charisma of an eighties sitcom bartender. Antonia is one of those rare people that has the lot…so off I trot to her Mona Vale salon although the option to see her in Hunters Hill is also there.


The ‘before’ look of the lipline

On arrival, we first chat about my concerns which are pretty stock-standard. I recently turned an age that rhymes with “shorty” and had a mini midlife crisis. My eyes look tired and wrinkly, my lips have lost some of their fullness and feature a scar on the top left. I’m old enough now to not be as insecure about appearance so with a little bit of a lift I think I’ll be able to confidently waltz out of the house on a moment’s notice and without having to resort to ‘makeup gun’ levels of product on my face.

She looks me squarely in the eye and says, “You grind your teeth, don’t you?”. It’s almost as if she could see the giant tension headache I was nursing! I start clenching my jaw somewhere around the witching hour and doesn’t stop until about 7am the next morning. She notices that the muscles in my jaw are over-pronounced and tells me that injecting Botox into my masseters muscle will not only stop the jaw muscle grinding itself into agony all night, it will soften my jawline and give my face a more aesthetically pleasing line.


The ‘after’ look- smoother and wrinkle-free!

The treatment itself begins with a  thorough explanation of what is going to happen, what is being used, how it works and the side effects. She must list them all, including the super scary ones that have less chance of happening than a baby sleeping through at two weeks old.

It’s important to know that both relaxants and fillers are drugs and as such must be prescribed by a doctor who has spoken to you. Antonia wastes no time in getting me on a Facetime chat with one of her on call doctors. The doctor asks me a couple of questions and makes sure I am aware of all vital details before giving the go ahead. It’s a pretty cool use of technology.

It’s time. As lovely as Antonia is and as much as I am comfortable with her high level of skill, I still don’t like needles. Luckily Antonia has a big bag of tricks. First cab off the rank is the cream. It tastes like a chemical factory but has your face feeling completely numb in no time at all. She also has this little vibrator thingy that you hold near the treated area. The idea is to distract your nerves so you don’t feel the sting of the needle. The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t hurt that much. I’ve squeezed pimples more painful, most of the pain comes from working myself up so the take home here is to close your eyes, breathe deeply and remind yourself that it really doesn’t hurt that much.

And just like that it’s done. Antonia reminds me of some important aftercare information.


Botox (Anti Wrinkle Injections):

  • For the first few days, be delicate with treatment areas. No rubbing, plucking or aggravating. Botox needs to stay in the place it was intended and rubbing the area causes it to displace.
  • Effects last for about three months, but the more often you get it done, the longer effects will be visible.
  • It takes between three days and two weeks for the full effects to kick in. I started to feel a tightening in the area above my nose within two days and around my eyes within four and the masseters within two weeks.
  • Results were that my eyebrow was lifted and crow’s feet erased. The area above my nose feels like there is some tape there holding it in place.
  • My jaw feels slightly numb but a lot more relaxed.
  • The only thing noticeable straight after treatment is tiny red needle dots.
  • Not recommended if you are pregnant, trying to be pregnant or breastfeeding.

Juvederm (Filler)

  • After treatment and for the first few days, regularly massage the treated area. Don’t be gentle, you need to make sure that it spreads out and doesn’t ‘blob’.
  • Effects will last around 6 months, slightly less for highly active people.
  • You must stay in the country for two weeks after filler.
  • Taking NSAIDS (eg Nurofen or Voltaren) or fish oil will make bruising and swelling worse.
  • You can not be treated if you have a cold sore, and if you are prone to cold sores, you should take Famvir at the time of treatment as the needles will probably stir up the virus
  • If you don’t like the effects, you can have the fillers dissolved.
  • The product reduces lip chafing and dryness.
  • Not recommended if you are pregnant, trying to be pregnant or breastfeeding.

The results


Bruising was visible after treatment

The fillers will bruise and swell the treated area. On my lips it came up immediately and the bruising stayed around three days. I did all the right things – drinking lots of water and frequent icing of the area.

On day three I woke up to beautifully shaped lips with defined edges and no withering from age. My scar looked like it had never been there. It was still bruised but I was itching to get out of the house. Many people suggested bright or dark lipstick, but after playing with a few, I found that a blotted lipstick with a bruised plum colour worked best. For my olive skin, Chanel Rouge Allure in 116, Envoutante was the least clownish shade that also covered all marks.

Two weeks on from treatment and the swelling and bruising have given way to a beautifully natural looking set of full lips. I still have loads of movement and expression in my face but the wrinkles have gone. Nobody has noticed that I had “work done” as it doesn’t look in the least bit obvious. I have just had the third person look at me and exclaim “oh is the baby finally sleeping for you?” no, she’s not but it looks like I have had some good therapeutic sleep. Best of all, my husband still knows when I am cranky at him!

This biggest take home from all of this is that these products are amazing, but only in the hands of a skilled injector. This is as much art as it is a science and you need to make sure that you put yourself in the hands of someone accredited, someone who knows the product in and out, someone who makes you feel comfortable and someone who has the skill and the talent to bring out your inner beauty.

To get in contact with Antonia or to make a booking, go to loseyourwrinkles.com.au

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