Lockdown activities for kids: 10 craft and colouring ideas to try

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Australians in lockdown are getting creative with crafting, colouring, drawing and sketching as favourite indoor activities

Lockdown activities at home can help the days pass more easily, but we all know coming up with fun activities for kids can be harder than it sounds! But we’re here to help. From crafting, colouring, boardgames and art, here are all the ways Australians are getting creative at home!

Crafting, colouring, drawing and sketching are listed as favourite indoor activities in new research about how Australians are surviving lockdown in Sydney.

“We asked people what their favourite anti-boredom lockdown activity was and more than 61 per cent said they loved colouring, drawing and crafting,” said Mr John Johnston from Pilot Pen Australia. “We were blown away with the range of creative pursuits and the level of imagination.’

Anti-boredom lockdown activities: 10 craft and colouring ideas to try

  1. Rock art – Collect a handful of rocks and paint them, or write inspirational sayings on them and then hide them when you are on your family walk to put a smile on the face of strangers in your community
  2. Scavenger Hunts – Gather 10 items from the back garden that are a part of nature and create a piece of art with them.
  3. Recycled art – Gather 10 items from the recycling and build a model or create a piece of art with them
  4. Pets – Learn how to draw your pet or your favourite animal
  5. Transform your room – Bring your imagination to life through drawings e.g. draw and colour in wild animals then stick them to your bedroom wall and you are in the zoo
  6. Activity stations – For the little ones, make up different activity stations, e.g. colouring-in, modelling clay, cut and paste, cooking, puzzles, games – so they can move between different activities to keep them entertained
  7. Favourite Outings – Write down all your favourite outings on pieces of paper and pop them into a jar.  Take one out each day and adapt the activity for the lockdown rules, e.g. a day at the movies becomes Netflix and popcorn; camping becomes a tent in the back garden
  8. Letter-writing – Write ‘old fashioned’ letters (rather than emails and texts) to relatives interstate and overseas and decorate them with colours and pictures
  9. Line drawing game – Keep your pen on the paper (you’re not allowed to lift it) and see what you can draw.
  10. Doodle art – Create a family doodle artwork where everyone gets to put their favourite doodles on the page

More favourite lockdown activities for kids included:

  • Colouring in
  • Making artwork from discarded items
  • Drawing cats 
  • Learning calligraphy
  • Crochet
  • Knitting
  • Cooking and baking


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