The easy way to track a fever with LifeTemp Touch Thermometer

A blue backlight makes it easy to read temperatures at night
A blue backlight makes it easy to read temperatures at night

Having the right tools means you can parent with greater confidence. Read why St Ives mum-of-two, Rochelle Kim will be keeping the LifeTemp Touch Thermometer in her parenting toolbox after her review.

Parenting is a hard gig. Parenting when your children are ill is completely exhausting! The hardest part is all the worrying. Before I had children, I’m not sure I had a thermometer in the house. Now I could almost write a thesis on the different types and which work best. As soon as you have a sick child, you’ll never underestimate what it means to have a good thermometer.     

This is why I was thrilled to test out the LifeTemp Touch, an infrared touch thermometer from Airssential Home. Because it uses infrared technology, it gauges temperatures after quick contact on the forehead. The main point of difference, however, is that the LifeTemp Touch uses a rechargeable internal battery instead of regular batteries. This design means it’s quite a compact and sturdy unit that’s easy to hold. It also means you’ll never need to worry about batteries getting into the hands of little children.

While the design makes it great to look at and grip, I really wanted to test how the LifeTemp Touch worked against the following criteria:

  • Accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • The sleeping baby test

The LifeTemp Touch comes with a micro USB cable for easy recharging


It’s incredibly stressful to have an unreliable thermometer when you have a sick child, so this is obviously the most important. I tested the LifeTemp Touch against thermometers I already own, which includes a non-contact radiant thermometer and an ear thermometer. The LifeTemp compared well to both, with all readings falling within 0.1 degrees on all tests completed.

Easy to use

There is a single button on the LifeTemp Touch, so it is super simple to use. You only have to press the button once, wait 1 second for it to beep, then place the thermometer anywhere on the forehead. Some thermometers require you to place on/near the temple for accurate readings, but I found that the LifeTemp Touch was fairly consistent regardless of where it was placed. This was perfect for a restless or sleeping baby where access can be limited.

Additionally, because the LifeTemp uses a rechargeable internal battery, it was super easy to grip and take temperatures.

Single button and backlit LCD screen makes it an easy one-touch operation

An internal battery allows the LifeTemp Touch to be a compact design that’s easy to grip.

Quick to get a temperature reading

I’ve used most types of thermometers, but it’s hard to find one that acts quick enough to get an accurate reading from a restless child. My baby boy never seems to sit still long enough. He’s always more interested in snatching it from my hands or moving his head to look at it. This thermometer takes readings in a second (literally). Before he has a chance to wriggle around, I’ve already got a reading. To me, this was one of the things I liked most as I was finally able to take his temperature once and feel confident I got an accurate reading.

The Sleeping Baby Test!

This is the most stressful test and possibly the one you’re most interested in. The result: it easily passed. Even though the LifeTemp Touch requires contact, you don’t need to apply pressure. You simply need to rest it lightly on the forehead to get a reading. Also, because it takes the temperature so quickly, it never disturbed my little one. And it event has a blue backlight on the LCD screen means so you can read temperatures easily in the dark.

A blue backlight makes it easy to read temperatures at night

Other Features & Considerations

  • Is it loud or can I take the sound off? The thermometer makes a soft beeping sound when it’s ready to take a reading. During tests for on a sleeping baby, this soft beep didn’t stir my little one. I couldn’t see an option to turn this off, but feel it isn’t necessary.
  • Readings from memory: This is a nifty little feature where you can see the previous 12 temperature readings. This is particularly handy if you trying to track a fever.
  • Battery life: I had the thermometer for approximately two weeks and it had no signs of slowing down and I don’t suspect it will for some time. The internal rechargeable battery means you never need to worry about spare batteries but will require up to a 2-hour recharge (for full battery), which could be an issue if you need it quickly.

Final Verdict

This is an excellent thermometer. You need to feel confident you have the right tools when you’re parenting, and the LifeTemp Touch is so easy to use and accurate.

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Essential Details: LifeTemp Touch Forehead Thermometer

  • RRP: $59.95 – $69.95
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty
  • Availability: Buy from the Airssential website or your local pharmacy

Disclaimer: Our reviewer was provided with a LifeTemp Touch Forehead Thermometer in return for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are her own and not influenced by the company or its affiliates in any way.


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