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The Ultimate Gift For Your Family – A Life Story Film

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Three women watching family video

A professional life story film is a wonderful way to preserve your loved one’s stories as the ultimate gift to them and future generations.  Especially when it’s a high-quality, professionally filmed and edited autobiography from Life Story Productions! 

If you value your family, documenting a life story in this way is one of the most important gifts you could ever give.

Whether it’s a parent or grandparent, capturing their life story is the most unique and thoughtful gift they’ll ever receive. And it really is the gift that keeps on giving because future generations can watch these incredible productions and learn valuable family history firsthand.

Unlike written memoirs, a film truly captures the essence of someone. The way a person tells a story is so much a part of the story itself.  Their particular turn of phrase, their unique voice, their distinct mannerisms.

And studies show that children who come from families that talk about their history, that know their stories, have much higher levels of emotional well-being. Stories ground them. Stories give them a sense of identity through time.  They let them know where they came from.

The psychological benefits of an autobiography film for the storyteller themselves are also very well documented. This ‘reminiscence therapy’ of acknowledging accomplishments, mistakes, the good times and the challenging has been shown to improve mood, well-being, communication and memory.

Watch the 2 minute Trailer 

Creating a Life Story film: How it works

Step 1: Pre-interview

Feeling relaxed is key. The pre-interview is the storyteller’s opportunity to meet the Director in person, so they can feel at ease on production day. Typically this would take place in the family home.

Prior to this, they would have been sent a Production Guide to help them focus on those defining moments and anecdotes, those stories they want recorded.  During the pre-interview they will work with the Director to decide on appropriate interview questions.

This is also the best time to provide photographs or old home movies that they want included.  Each photograph is professionally scanned on-site ensuring the originals stay with them.

Step 2: Production

Interviews are filmed in a quiet space, usually in the family home.  Allow five hours for the interview itself with time for a short break.

All footage is shot on professional HD cameras. Life Story Productions also use a fantastic technology called Eye Direct that, simply put, gives the impression the storyteller is looking straight down the lens for much better engagement, when in fact they are actually talking to the Director.

Step 3: Post-production

This is where it all comes together! Life Story Productions combine the interview with family photographs, historical archival vision, old home movie footage, animated family tree and custom graphics and carefully selected music to create their life story film.

For ease of sharing, they will receive it in multiple formats.  Two custom USB flash drive copies in a keepsake box, two custom DVDs and as an upload to a password protected video website that they can email to friends and family.

Each film is 45 – 60 minutes in duration.

The result is a very high-end quality production for family to enjoy now and as the ultimate gift for future generations.

About Life Story Productions

Video camera equipment from Life Story Productions

High quality filming and editing

Life Story Productions is a boutique film production company that specialises in life story films.

The Director, Keltie Lane, is a local North Shore Mum of two, and former television producer and director (BBC, ITV, ABC, SBS). Her passion for launching Life Story Productions came when her own grandmother passed away. She says, “My daughter started asking me questions about her and I thought how incredible it would be to hit ‘play’ and have her watch a documentary-style film about my Nanny Beryl – her great grandmother”.

What families say…

‘I was nervous about the filming.  But I had such an enjoyable day.  I’m so glad I did it. My family were overwhelmed when they saw the film. I now realise the importance of documenting my life story.’ – Elizabeth Pola

‘Our family wanted to capture my grandmother’s stories, but legacy projects take a huge amount of time. Keltie ushered us through it in such a fun and rewarding way.  She is an accomplished storyteller and a true creative.’ – Michelle Skinner

‘This has got to be the ultimate present. Anniversaries, Father’s Day, a birthday, a tribute. A totally unique gift that keeps on giving.’ – Richard Hanson

A Life Story film is the ultimate memento!

Grandparents look at photos of romance

Share the stories behind the photos

Some people feel self-conscious talking about themselves and feel they wouldn’t be ‘interesting enough’ to have their life story documented. For this reason they don’t take the initiative to do it themselves.

That’s why many families group together and present them with this amazing gift.

Then as the process begins, people realise there are indeed many stories worth passing on. The experience really validates their being and they actually find it very empowering.

It makes for an incredible group gift, so you can combine funds with other members of the family to help turn your loved one’s life story into a treasured documentary for generations to enjoy.

Special Offer: 20% off Life Story Films!

Life Story Productions is offering a 20% discount to the first ten North Shore Mums to book a session.

To find out more, contact Keltie on 0431 989 259 or email.

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