20 last-minute Father’s Day craft ideas to help you out in lockdown

Handprint Father's Day Art, from Arty Crafty Kids
Handprint Father's Day Art, from Arty Crafty Kids

Father’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday 5 September, to be exact!), and with lockdown extended once again, there’s no hope of being out and about to celebrate Dad in 2021. Here’s are some last-minute Father’s Day craft ideas to help you out in lockdown. Don’t panic, help is here!

If you’re like me, you’ve pretty much always relied on daycare and school to produce the goods when it comes to Father’s Day crafts. You’re not alone. After all, who has time (or the inclination) to tip out that bottle of glitter and get creating. No thanks!

But, with schools closed and parents encouraged to keep kids home from daycare, it looks like the buck falls to you this year. Help is here! If you’re after a super easy, super fun craft idea for dad, we have it.

20 last-minute Father’s Day craft ideas

  1. Can’t whip up to the shops and pick up a card? No problem, here’s a great tutorial to make one at home (tie and all!).
  2. What the kids to show dad what he really means to them. Print our free Father’s Day ‘All About My Day’ sheet keep them busy filling it out. The results will make for a great laugh!
  3. Does dad have a sweet tooth? Grab some of his favourite treats on your next shop and put them inside a fun Father’s Day lolly tie. Yum!

    Lolly Tie

  4. Make a portrait of dad out of handprints. It’s quick and easy and the kids will get a great laugh out of it as well (as will dad). Check out this handprints art.

    Create a portrait of Dad using your hands!

  5. Make dad some vouchers for future spoiling, such as ‘Good for one back massage’, ‘Your turn to choose what’s on TV’ and so on. You can use a template, or simply create your own. The kids can get creative coming up with ideas.
  6. Show dad how much he rocks with a DIY sign. Just send the kids outside to collect some rocks, or bring a bucket with you on your next bushwalk. You can create a sign, or even put together a picture frame.

    DIY rock frame

  7. If there’s one thing we could do with more of in lockdown, it’s great memories together. Help kids build some memories with dad with this great project!

    Building memories

  8. Get creative with some salt dough ornaments. Find a great recipe here! Kids can make a handprint and write a nice message for dad on it as well.
  9. Make him a paddle pop stick coaster! Every time dad has a drink, he will be reminded of how much the kids love him.
  10. If you have an older kid at home who loves being creative, then put them in charge of this exploding gift box. This example uses photos (so sweet), but you can also tape message and treats to the side.
  11. Make dad a funky card using…pasta! That’s right, just get the kids to paint some pasta and voila, you have a very formal card.
  12. Does dad love to play golf? Why not grab him a few extra tees (or ask if he doesn’t mind you taking a couple) and create these paint-dipped golf tees.

    Paint-dipped golf tees

  13. If you have an old puzzle you don’t mind parting with, then this DIY puzzle frame is the perfect way to show dad how much you care.
  14. With dad working from home right now, he might like a new place to keep all his pens. This Father’s Day pencil cup is super cute.
  15. Keep it nice and simple. Grab dad his favourite chocolate bar in your next shop and wrap it in this Superhero wrapping paper.
  16. It doesn’t get much better than this message written in chocolate for dad! Tasty and sweet.

    Chocolate message

  17. Get baking! These lawn mower cupcakes are the perfect treat for dad.

    Lawn mower cupcakes

  18. Encourage dad to get outdoors with Spring in the air with this delicious BBQ rub. Something the whole family will enjoy!
  19. If there’s one thing we could all do with more of, it’s fun games to play at home. Challenge dad to a game of Tic Tac Toe with this homemade version.
  20. This last one is perfect for the littlies. Dip those hands and toes in paint and create this cute little sign for dad to cherish: hooked on you!

Looking for some more ways to celebrate Father’s Day from home? Head over to our post with 12 ways to make Father‘s Day extra special here.

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