Kitchen Bench ‘Barre’ Workout


Whether you’re trying to keep your family organised and your household running smoothly, or trying to juggle family life with working full-time or part-time, there’s one thing most mums have in common – trying to fit an exercise routine into their busy lives. The good news is, there’s an easy solution. Fitness expert Lizzy Williamson shows you how it’s done.

It’s not always practical- or possible – to make it to the gym for a hour of exercise a few times a week, but your health and fitness don’t have to suffer because you’re time-poor.

There are at-home workouts you can squeeze in to your schedule while the kids are napping or while they’re absorbed in their own activities. In fact, you can combine your workout with your own everyday duties- in this instance, you can burn calories while cooking dinner with a kitchen-bench workout.

The super-fast session is quick to complete, making it perfect for those busy days, and best of all the only equipment you need is right in your own home- a kitchen bench! The countertop stands in for a barre.

Barre is becoming a popular way to work out because of the muscle toning you get as a result from the awesome burn that you feel.

We often spend a lot of time in the kitchen so it becomes the perfect place to grab quick bursts of exercise throughout your day. You will feel these moves working your inner and outer thighs plus lifting your booty muscles.

This workout is also the perfect energy boost rather than reaching for that sugary snack to keep you going. Enjoy!

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