Kidz Prints St Ives: Supporting families access to high quality childcare


Looking for quality childcare for your baby, toddler or pre-schooler? Kidz Prints St Ives is a brand new, purpose built early learning centre with a warm, family atmosphere, and they’re now accepting enrolments! Plus, to make it easier on families during the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re reducing their daily fees by $10, so you can get back to work, school or study easier.

Why choose Kidz Prints St Ives Early Learning Centre for your child? 

  • Kidz Prints is a family run service which has a warm, friendly and “homely” atmosphere
  • They offer an educational program which works on the individual child’s strengths and needs
  • They provide a quality school readiness program
  • They open long day hours to suit busy families, without compromising on our extensive preschool & educational program
  • Their educators and staff have many years of experience, and they remain committed to hiring staff with extensive knowledge and qualifications
  • Purpose built childcare centre with modern facilities
  • Caters from babies to preschoolers
Kidz Prints St Ives

The purpose built childcare centre with modern facilities is a drawcard for families attending Kidz Prints St Ives

Reduced daily fees at Kidz Prints St Ives

From Monday 13 July 2020, the new daily fees will be:

  • 0-2 years: $140 per day
  • 2-3 years: $128 per day
  • 3+ years: $115 per day

This daily fee includes nutritious meals, nappies & educational programs.

Kidz Prints St Ives

The centre is fitted out with kids in mind, using fun colours and offering comfortable, modern setups such as the cot area

Kidz Prints Mission & Vision

Children are a valued member of the community

Kidz Prints believe that every child who comes to their centre is a valued member of our preschool, of their family and of the community. The atmosphere at Kidz Prints is vibrant, warm and welcoming to new and existing families.

A sense of belonging

They strive to create a home away from home, an environment that is safe, clean, caring and nurturing and help children their families and staff to have a strong sense of belonging within the Kidz Prints ‘family’.

Children are encouraged to take ownership of their lives

Kidz Prints encourage children to take ownership of their lives, to be active participants within their world and make connections within their community.

Children are given the opportunity to communicate effectively with each other and make informed decisions about life’s challenges. They are given the opportunity to express their ideas with their peers through discussion explore their own language and other languages through conversation (verbal and non-verbal), written material, media and technologies.

Every child receives the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of exciting and fun activities that are high in quality and experience as much as they possibly can in the few years they have at preschool.

Learning through play and from each other

Kidz Prints believe children learn through play and from each other.

Effective interaction and communication is encouraged at Kidz Prints Early Learning Centre. They believe in providing choice and routine for children to have the freedom as well as discipline within a learning environment.

Kidz Prints advocate the need for children to have the opportunity to develop a sense of self, by feeling emotionally in touch and being able to communicate their needs, to be confident and to work towards developing high self-esteem, friendships and individual personalities. For children to develop awareness for their health and physical wellbeing through self-regulation, they need to know how to care for themselves and their body in order to sustain a healthy happy life


The baby room at Kidz Prints St Ives is a spacious area with lots of natural light, with educational and entertaining toys

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