Car Seat Safety! How to keep children safe on our roads


There is nothing more important than keeping our kids safe, and as parents, it’s our biggest responsibility each and every day. It’s no secret that roads can be dangerous for our kids, even when we think they are safely strapped into their car seat. Transurban have joined forces with Kidsafe NSW to make sure you have the best safety information to keep your children safe while driving.

A correctly installed child car seat will give a child a 70% better chance of surviving a crash. With motor vehicle accidents being the second cause of all hospital admissions for children 14 years and under – it is so important that kids are in the most appropriate, correctly fitted child car seat.

It is equally important that the information parents receive is straightforward and consistent and readily available. That’s why Transurban has joined forces with Kidsafe NSW to support them in delivering tailored car seat safety information to their local communities. Here are a few simple tips to follow when travelling with kids.

6 tips to keep kids safe while travelling

  1. Always choose, correctly fit, and use the child car seat most appropriate for your child’s age and size.
  2. Use a child car seat which has been approved to the Australian Standards.
  3. Place your child in an appropriate child car seat for every single journey.
  4. Second-hand car seats should be used with caution. You should be aware of the history of the child car seat and be sure that the car seat has all the appropriate fittings. Any child car seat that is more than 10 years old should not be used.
  5. Children are safest when travelling in the rear of the vehicle.
  6. Do not move your child to the next size car seat until they have outgrown it.

Can your child ride in the front seat?

Do you have a preteen bugging you to sit in the front. Are they 12 years old and over? Age is not the leading factor that should help you decide – they need to pass the five step test and this will vary with each car they travel in.

keeping children safe on our roads

5 Step Test

Still not sure whether or not your kids can sit in the front seat? Check out the advice from Kidsafe today to find out.

Essential Details: Kidsafe

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