The Jungle Float mobile water park at Clontarf Beach

Jungle Float is just down from the netted swimming area
Jungle Float is just down from the netted swimming area

Need something to do in the holidays? Well…. what’s better than the kids burning off energy in the water while parents can watch from the shore with coffee in hand and a gorgeous beach view? Kirsten Kane and family tried the incredible Jungle Float at Clontarf Beach.

The Jungle Float is a mobile water park that features six awesome attractions to suit all ages and preferences… and it’s currently at Clontarf Beach, ready to provide some serious summer fun!

Booking online

The easy booking system let me do it all on my mobile. You just need to know what day, time session and how many people. All participants need to complete a digital liability waiver before boarding Jungle Float and adults need to sign for under 18-year-olds. It only takes a few minutes. If you’re booking a group session, you can either provide the participants email addresses or if you don’t know who’s joining you at that stage, copy the URL and email them later. Easy.


Let the fun begin!

Arriving on Clontarf beach and being presented with the Jungle Float alive with another session was a great introduction. The kids ran onto the beach peeling off their clothes about to jump on board. “It’s not our turn yet!” I had to cry.  Then, after a snack and the kids having a pre-dip in the water, it was time.

All sessions are 1.5 hours long – plenty of time. We had a mixed aged group of 10 kids: six between 7 and 9 years old and four 10-12 years. I should mention here that kids need to be competent swimmers to go on this and have to be able to swim from where they land in the water to the ladder on the side.

The Jungle Float boat

The boat has been designed to ensure the highest level of safety. The wide platform creates a very stable base to ensure everyone feels secure and steady on their feet. It is 11m long and 3m wide and can comfortably accommodate a group of up to 38 people.


There are two lifeguards on Jungle Float at all times (the people in light yellow t-shirts) so if there’s any issues, they’ve got it covered. You can easily keep an eye on the kids from shore. Just set up a spot under one of the big trees on the edge of the reserve.

We found a great spot in front of Jungle Float

From shore to Jungle Float

After meeting one of the staff on shore and putting on wrist bands, it’s a short swim from shore. I have to admit my 8-year-old daughter was a little bit freaked out that she would have to swim across (she seemed to think it was in the middle of the ocean) but after seeing how close it was – about 20m depending on the direction of the wind – she was absolutely fine.

One of the 7-year-olds had to be accompanied over by a parent but once he got there, he was okay. He came back and forth to the shore a few times after that by himself. Just be prepared if you have young kids, you might have to get wet.

Short swim and close enough to see the kids

Non-stop fun!

After a run through the safety rules, the party got started and it did not stop! I’m not sure where they got their energy from but they jumped, bounced, swung, slid, swam for the whole 1.5 hours. Jumping and bouncing seemed to be their favourites. The awesome thing about Jungle Float is that you can start low and challenge yourself to go to the higher platforms and even bounce higher and add in flips on the trampolines. One of the benefits of doing it with your friends, apart from loads of fun, is the kids are more likely to challenge themselves and keep going for the full 1.5 hours. You don’t have the “watch me Mum” as their friends are doing it for us! This will certainly entertain all ages – as I saw with my biggest kid (husband).

My big kid 😉

There are 6 awesome attractions that are tailored to suit all ages and preferences so there’s something for everyone.


Monkey Jump

The low jump was a great place to start off…jumping off a 6-foot platform leaping 7 feet to the water. Choose to dive off the diving board or just jump as high as you can!

Or you can dive!

Gorilla Jump

The high one! Located on the opposite side to the rope swing. Leap from a 12-foot platform and fall a full 14-feet to the water. It was scary for some but after working up the courage they did it and LOVED it!

Monkey Bounce

Another great one to start on, this is the smaller trampoline that ejects you out above the water at heights of more than eight feet.

The lower trampoline is a great one to start on

Gorilla Bounce

This was popular! Leaping from a 12-foot platform down to a trampoline which will launch you as high as 20 feet above water. This may be a bit daunting for the younger kids but the older kids and adults couldn’t get enough of it. There is an option to climb down to the trampoline and bounce from there rather than jumping from the platform which the younger kids chose to do.


Tarzan Swing

Swinging off a 6-foot platform into the sea. One of the staff is there to help and to retrieve the rope.

Woo hoo!

Jungle Slide

From the top platform, slide all the way down and be thrown across the water.

Who doesn’t love a water slide!?

VERDICT: The kids loved it!!

  • “It’s really fun. My favourite was the rope swing. If you’re a bit scared start down the bottom and then go up top.” 12-year-old
  • “I loved the little trampoline.” 9-year-old
  • “Rope swing was cool. I did it 5 times” 7-year-old
  • “Trampolines and low jump were my favourite” 10-year-old
  • “The big trampoline was awesome.” 7, 8, 9 and 10-year-old
  • “I liked the trampolines, rope swing and high jump off the side. It was scary but I did it!!” 8-year-old
  • “The big drop off the side was awesome.” 9-year-old
  • “Can I please have my birthday party here?” 8-year-old


Essential Details: Jungle Float

  • Address: Clontarf Beach, Sandy Bay Rd, Clontarf
  • Website:
  • Sessions and cost: $20 per person for a 1-hour session. Exclusive hire (40 people) is $599 for one hour.
  • Age: For children under the age of 8, there needs to be an accompanying adult per five children and they need to be included in your numbers when you book. If there’s no kids under 8, then you can watch from shore.

Find out more about Clontarf Reserve.

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