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Want to get the most out of your advertising with North Shore Mums? Henny Stier runs real estate buying agency OH Property, and has been advertising with North Shore Mums since the website first launched in 2013. During this time, she’s established her profile as the ‘go to’ person for real estate advice and has grown her business to a team of eight (including several North Shore Mums as employees) and counting!

I’m an advertiser with North Shore Mums, and have been since the very beginning. Without a doubt, North Shore Mums has been vital to the growth of my business. To help other local business owners get the most from their marketing investment, I’m thought I’d share the tips and tricks that I’ve learnt over the years. 

1. Have realistic expectations

You can’t pay for a listing in the Directory listing and expect to be overwhelmed by new client enquiries overnight. It doesn’t work that way. No advertising does. You’ll find that the longer you advertise, the more your awareness will build, and the more clients you’ll get every year. It just builds and builds the longer you have a presence

2. Ensure your advertising reflects your quality

If you have a listing in the Directory, ensure you’re using all the features available to you, so you’re selling your business in the best possible way.

  • Write an engaging description
  • Choose photos that showcase your business in the best possible way (not just your company logo!). Photos of your staff, or your office or location, of your products of services.
  • Actively seek testimonials from customers, so they can share their own personal experiences too!

Click here to view OH Property’s listing in the North Shore Mums Directory.

3. Take part in Business Hour

Be consistent

You need to schedule the Business Hour in your calendar so that you don’t miss that fortnightly window to advertise. Set a recurring reminder for the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, so you don’t miss it! You can even post early from 4pm on that day (and the moderators will approve it between 8-9pm). You will only see result if you are consistent (funny that’s how it is in life with everything isn’t it?)

Be interesting & add value!

Your business post needs to be engaging. Use a good image (preferably not just stock photo) and tell a story or share a case study. Give advice or tips that will encourage people to contact you and engage with your business.

Post original content

Don’t just copy and past the same message every single fortnight. Perhaps share an interesting story from something that happened in your business, a case study, or a testimonial. Just keep it fresh!

Keep going!

Many members use the search function when they’re looking for something. So just because your Business Hour post doesn’t get immediate engagement, does not mean it is wasted. It might be seen over and over again, even years down the track. I still get calls from prospective clients who tell me they read one of my Business Hour posts from ages ago and it resonated with them. They may not need your business right then and there – but you want to be top of mind when they do need you. So you need to build your brand and your presence – one post at a time, over many years.

Be authentic and not too salesy

Nobody likes to be “sold” to. Add genuine value, share your knowledge and come from a place of serving and helping others. You need to build trust and credibility, and this can sometimes take time. Consistency is key (see point 1!).

Business Hour post from Henny Stier. 

Facebook insights from Business Hour post. Reach of 9.4k, 47 likes, 17 comments

4. Be part of the community

Consumers are savvy and they can smell advertisers who just drop in to plug their business and then disappear. If you want to engage the North Shore Mums community, then you should be an active participant of the community – and not just during Business Hour.

Contribute your ideas and advice to non business-related posts too.

5. Write articles for the website

To help build your profile as an expert in your field, write useful and interesting articles for the North Shore Mums website. Writing on a website like North Shore Mums will also help boost your ranking with search engines like Google too.

And the best thing? It’s free to advertisers. The only investment is your time to write them. Click here to view Henny’s articles

Click here for more information about becoming a professional contributor.

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