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Fun ideas to celebrate Halloween in a COVID-safe way

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celebrate Halloween during COVID

Halloween is just around the corner, so you might have started to wonder about how you can celebrate in a Covid-safe way! Our kids (and us!) LOVE this time of year, for dressing up, wandering the streets and eating way too many lollies. This year, things are a little different, but we can still have fun! Here are some fun ways to celebrate Halloween during COVID.

In past years, we have seen a huge rise in popularity of Halloween on Sydney’s North Shore, with many suburbs becoming hot spots for spooky festivities. Scary decorations adorn the houses, bowls of lollies are dipped into and collected by children dressed up in all manner of scary (or cute) costumes. The afternoon turns into a festival of sugar as neighbours come outside to chat and join in the fun.

Then COVID-19 came along. While we are extremely lucky that are numbers are down and we are free to get out and about, somehow the idea of sharing lollies and little hands reaching into bowls just doesn’t hold the same magic under the circumstances. But that doesn’t mean Halloween needs to be forgotten about. There are plenty of ways we can celebrate in a COVID-safe way.

How to celebrate Halloween during COVID

1. Lollies scattered on the front garden & driveway

The germ-infested bowls aren’t a great idea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give out lollies to the kids in your neighbourhood! Get creative and adorn your driveway or front garden with individually wrapped lollies. Kids can come up and grab their own (while social distancing) and everyone’s hands stay to themselves. It’s trick or treating with a little twist to it.

2. Spooky walk in the neighbourhood, with BYO lollies

‘Black Magic Queen and my zombie helper….’ – Blaise

Another option of course is BYO lollies. Let the kids dress up in their costumes (this is the fun part after all) and head out to the street to show them off. Instead of letting the kids collect lollies from the neighbours, simply give them a wave and bring your own lollies to fill up their bags. Lollies are lollies are after all, no matter where they come from.

3. Get decorating!

Halloween house

Tina Zanatta’s North Shore home, decorated for Halloween

Forgoing the tradition of door knocking for lollies, doesn’t mean we have to do away with the fun (and scariness) of Halloween. Go big and stay home, I think that’s a good COVID-safe motto for this year’s celebrations. Get the kids involved in pulling out all the decorations and making your home as scary as possible. Neighbours, friends and family can still do drive bys to enjoy all your hard work.

4. Halloween Treasure Hunt

A Halloween Treasure Hunt is a fun activity for kids to do at home. Print off the clues, cut them up and hide sweet treats around your home. Round up the kids and send them on the hunt. It’s family fun everyone can get involved with, with plenty of sugar for motivation.

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Download & print this FREE Halloween Treasure Hunt printable


5. Have a Halloween Party at home

Under current NSW Covid restrictions, you’re allowed to invite 20 guests to your home. So invite some friends over, and have a Halloween party! Decorate the house in a spooky theme, get them to dress up and serve covid-safe party food (like individual packets of chips or popcorn, wrapped lollies, sausage sandwiches). Have a look on Spotify for a Halloween playlist!

6. Scary Movie Night

The Addams Family (2019) is a scary movie for kids!

Wondering how to celebrate Halloween during COVID? Why not forgo the celebrations altogether and jump inside for a movie night. You can still dress up, gather on the couch and put together a list of the scariest flicks everyone can enjoy. Grab the popcorn and the lollies and get the films rolling. Take a look at 25 scary movies for kids that aren’t too traumatizing.

7. Prank Time

Let’s no forget the ‘trick’ part of trick or treating. I think this year, we need to bend the rules a little with our neighbours being in such uncertain times. Instead, turn the tricks on a family member (I’m thinking  Dad). See if the kids can come up with a fun and innocent prank to play on Dad for Halloween, so everyone can have a laugh (or fright) together.

8. Host a Spooky Dinner Party

Get the family together for a scary dinner party, with lots of delicious themed foods to suit the occasion. Put everyone in charge of one spooky dish and let their creativity run wild with it. It’s the perfect excuse to dress up in costume and keep the spooky spirit alive in small numbers.


More Halloween fun and other outdoor ideas:

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