How I met my Valentine … part 2


We North Shore Mums can’t get enough of a good love story. Who needs 50 Shades of Grey when these yarns will tie you to the screen until the last one tugs at your heart?!

My mum took me to a trivia night fundraiser her work was hosting. My now husband worked for the same company and was there on a first date with a girl. We hit it off, but I kept my distance thinking the date was his girlfriend. He went out for drinks with my mum and her friends afterwards where mum gave him my mobile number. The rest is history. We’re now expecting our third daughter. Lauren, Asquith 

I met my husband working a temp job and he was my boss. I had worked across the street for years previous and never met him. I lost that job, so did some temp work and the lady that was supposed to supervise me that day was late, so my future husband did. He asked me out by the Wednesday; we had our first date on the Friday. I pretty sure I’m the only temp to get flowers and chocolates on leaving after only two weeks of work ;p Kristina 

Nearly 12 years ago, I followed my little sister’s exchange student back to Australia for three months … which quickly became six months. The lovely exchange student had an even lovelier big brother! And there started our story: we have always lived together. From the get-go. No better way of knowing someone. Through poor and rich, health and sickness, happy and sad, we have shared the experience of life wholeheartedly and I couldn’t have hoped for a better partner in crime. Aude 

I met my husband at college when I was 17. We were the best of friends for four years before we dated. I found out after we started dating that he had been waiting for me the whole time we had known each other. Danielle 

I met my Valentine more than 25 years ago, at high school. I don’t remember our first meeting, he just appeared in my life somewhere between Year 8 and Year 10. We hung out with the same group of friends and, as a result, we stayed in contact after school. We caught up every few years but there was never a hint of romance until our early thirties.

My Valentine was getting divorced, and I was breaking up with my fiancé. We starting catching up, first for coffee, then for lunch. Slowly our catch-ups got longer, eventually starting at lunch and finishing after dinner. But, still no hint of romance! Then, on one of our catch-ups I became ill. My Valentine ran to Coles and bought out the pharmaceutical aisle. The rest, as they say, is history. Justine, Hornsby

My (real) mom is married to my husbands (real) dad, so we are step brother and sister 🙂 Our parents have been married for 32 years, so that’s how long we have known each other. We are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary on 13 March and are more in love than ever! Sharon, Gordon 


I met mine on Craigslist!

I was living in Washington DC and planning to go with a (girl)friend to the US Open tennis in NYC, as we had done for the previous two years, but she couldn’t make it. Rather than grovel for a non-tennis fan to join me, I decided to post on My original ad is below.

Aussie Aussie Aussie? Looking for a fellow tennis fan

Original URL:
Posted by:
Posted on: 2003-08-13, 8:57AM

Very cute American, who happens to love Aussie tennis, coming up to NY on business right after Labor Day. Looking to play a little hooky to catch some of the action at the US Open on Sept 2 (men’s round of 16). I’ll be the one waving my Aussie flag & cheering for Lleyton & Scud…and maybe chatting up Newk, if he’s in the crowd. Looking for a cool, cute Aussie to help me make some noise…and drink lots of beer. Tickets on me.

I posted the from work, and then returned from lunch to find my in box OVERFLOWING! Close to 40 Aussie guys – most looking for a quick hook-up or green card – got back to me. One sent me a large jpeg file of himself, naked, with an erection, sitting in a Mork From Ork swivel chair, writing: “If you like what you see, let me know!” [PASS]

Of those 36 replies, only two came from people with actual names (as opposed to “” or “”). One was a nice economist named Sean, whose colleague encouraged him to write, and the other was a really nice guy with poor grammar named Brett. I went with the witty economist with flawless grammar when Brett wrote, “Me and you would have a great time.”

We started emailing and then had a lengthy phone call. Sean ended up flying down to DC to meet me on 23 August, 2003, and we’ve been together ever since.

Oh, by the way … the Round of 16 tennis got rained out, so Sean and I never did make it to the US Open together. However, during that rainy day, we hatched a plan to fly to Melbourne for the weekend (from NYC!) using my Frequent Flyer points and his hometown connections to get us Davis Cup tickets. So our THIRD date involved flying from NYC to Melbourne for a whirlwind weekend of sport and meeting his friends/family. I felt kind of obligated to marry the guy after such a dramatic start! 

We got married one year to the day of our first date – 23 August, 2004 – in our bare feet in Jamaica. August 23rd that year happened to be a Monday, not a popular day of the week for a wedding! Craig Newmark, the eccentric founder of Craigslist, sent his warmest congratulations! Kristen

I met my husband on the radio. I’d just landed in town to work in the newsroom. We put out a call one day for sport news items – for a new segment – and Tony was one of the guys that called in. We chatted about the softball comp he was in. (I loved softball; played it for a long time). He ended up coming into the station. Brought me a block of chocolate, which got him into my good books immediately. We started hanging out for softball and things moved quickly after that. A month after meeting we were going out. Two months after we started dating we became engaged. Six months after that we were married. It will be eleven years in June. Debbie 

I met my husband when I was 14 (he was 16 and a very hot ice hockey player). We had the same group of friends, we’d be at the same get-togethers and say hi every now and again, but that was it. I was in total high school crush type of love. He had no idea I existed.  I eventually lost touch with most of that group when I was 18, and it wasn’t until a few years later that I bumped into him and some of our friends when I was working at the Sydney Motor Show. I was still totally head over heels for the guy. He offered to drive me home from the Motor Show that day (and every day for the remainder of the show). His best mate told me I was just a two-week fling and not to get attached. There was no way I was losing him again, so about a week later I asked him out and we have been together ever since. It will be 15 years this year. Erin 

We hope you have enjoyed reading these short tales. If you want to share your own, by all means do so in the comments section below. We’d love to hear it!

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