How I met my Valentine … part 1


Read how many North Shore Mums met the person of their dreams… Their short stories will make you laugh, tear up and reach for your nearest and dearest to tell them how much you love them!

I met my husband when I was working as an interior designer in the city. For months he used to book appointments with me just so I could visit his house for various projects. His ‘enthusiasm’ for interior design lead me to believe he was gay, but eventually he plucked up the courage to ask me to dinner and we fell in love. I moved into his house (the house I designed) six months later! We’ve now been together six years, married for three, and have a beautiful two-year-old girl 🙂 Erin, St Ives 

I live on the northern beaches, but I love how my parents met; it makes me laugh! My mum was on a hen’s night on a men-afloat type of boat, and my dad had been asked by a friend to take his spot as a topless waiter for the night, promising him that he’ll get heaps of free food! Ha ha! They’ve been married 22 years and have four kids and one grandchild. We had to tell the story for school once and Mum said: ‘Just say we met on the Manly ferry.’ Ha ha! Bel 

I met mine on New Year’s morning. He had drank a tad too much and as I was walking past he was literally about to fall over a railing. I helped him up. Lol. Weirdest part is, we didn’t start dating. Then one day my father came over and said: ‘Kes, I want you to meet someone very close to me; he’s a good man.’ (Obviously it was him.) Now eight years on (since the day we met), we’ve been married nearly three and have two beautiful bubs. Akesa


I met my husband while we were both playing rugby for Penrith. Him for the men’s and me for the ladies team. This photo was taken the night we got together. Emily

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Between 1991 and 2007, we bought apartments in the same road, went to the same school, lived a block away from each other growing up, I bought pizzas from the pizza place that he worked at, we both travelled to the UK in the same year and there’s just so much more … but can you believe that we only found each other in 2007?! I was a single mum, and his best friend had a kid’s birthday party. He happened to be the kid’s Godfather. Of course, he fell in love with me immediately. I thought he was an oddball with his long legs and silly sense of humour; he was childless and ran around with the kids like a big kid himself. He pursued me. We met again three months later at a nightclub and haven’t left each other’s sides since. We are happily married with two gorgeous children and a million memories. I adore him even when he drives me crazy. Carrie 

I met my husband when I started working at Radio 2UE in 1994. A few weeks later he sent one of our coworkers over to see whether I would say ‘yes’ if he asked me out. For our first date, he picked me up in his father’s car and took me to Le Kiosk in Manly for a romantic dinner. Not bad for a 23 year old! But he didn’t kiss me goodnight when he dropped me back at home, so I thought he didn’t like me. Then because I was standoffish the next day at work, he thought I didn’t like him! We ended up working together for seven years with just a pash-and-dash at the work Christmas party one year – which we never spoke about the next day! Years later (in 2009) when he had moved on to working in TV and me to magazines, we became Facebook friends and decided to catch up for a drink. It still took him three dates before he kissed me, but at least I stuck around. We were married in 2010 and have since added a gorgeous little boy into the mix. Natasha, Wahroonga 

It was my first night in London when I met my English husband, Will. I had just moved in to a nine-bedroom share house in Clapham and he had been invited over for a BBQ as he used to live there. We talked all night on the roof terrace and he gave lots of advice about living in London, recruitment consultants etc. He followed up with emails giving details about the recruitment consultants; I thought he was just being friendly. A week or so later he invited me to The Globe Theatre to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The next night I went to his place for the best home-cooked curry I have ever tasted. That was the start of my love affair with him and his cooking. I stayed in London with him for almost seven years and we are now in Sydney with our two daughters. Josy, Thornleigh 

I met my Valentine through eHarmony, an internet dating site! Following a tough divorce in my late twenties, I decided that I wanted ‘time out’ from men and explore what it would be like as a happy singleton. I loved it so much that seven years later I was still happily on my own, to the point that my friends warned me I was too comfortable being single and needed to ‘get out there’ again! Because I couldn’t envisage meeting my future partner at a pub (I am not a drinker!), and most of my friends were already in a relationship, I tried an internet dating agency first, followed by Six For Supper, speed-dating (I went to a Toy Boy one for fun with a friend!). Finally, one evening while sitting watching late-night television, I saw an eHarmony ad flash up. One of my friends had prompted me several weeks ago to give it a go after hearing an ad on the radio. Even though I had always resisted internet dating sites because I thought that they were only for the desperate and dateless, something inside me told me to just do it. My partner contacted me within a week of signing up, and the only person I agreed to meet. One child and five years later, here we are! Mimi, Hornsby 

We met at Mardi Gras. He was one of the few fully dressed men. Was quite easy to tell he was straight:) Ingrid 

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