How I learnt to organise my paperwork in under two hours


Georgie Rees is a home organisation consultant working closely with Mums in Sydney and on the Central Coast. And she’s pretty much a genius.

The simple thought of organising my household paperwork made me shudder. I should be able to do it. It’s not that hard. But try as I might, I could never find a way that worked for me. Georgie, believes in creating an individual approach around a person, not fitting a person to a set of processes. Her mission is to help us busy parents deal with the mounting paperwork that often clutters our lives (and our dining tables). What a home organisation consultant really does, is provide you with a whole heap of quality spare time to enjoy guilt free.

My relationship with Georgie from Clutterfly started out well. I was honest and she was excited.

Here’s how it went:

We are transitioning our study to be a nursery with a second baby due. The place currently looks like a dogs breakfast and as a heavily pregnant nesting woman I’m completely at my wits end. Is this what you do? Or perhaps you deal with something slightly more normal?

And, the reply:

‘Normal’ what’s that I ask you!? Ooh I just got goose bumps hearing your description then. Just the thought of organising gets me excited.

The very next day, I invited Georgie into my home.

3 real reasons you’ll love Clutterfly:

  1. The visit is not intimidating. Georgie expects to walk into mess, clutter and disorganisation. So don’t be shy. She loves it.
  2. You will have a result by the end of the session. The method of household organisation will come down to Georgie assessing your individual needs. For me, it was a practical solution that I can now manage quite easily.
  3. You will agonise and argue less about paperwork and bills.


It’s all about acknowledging that daily life is hectic with little people and the aim is that your time spent procrastinating and feeling guilty greatly reduces.

For me? I love my new way of organising. I don’t have that niggling worry at the back of my mind about where are the passports, what did I do with the birth certificates and how do I manage the bills. My life is less chaotic and my husband now thinks I am a genius so I get more foot massages.

Jump onto the Clutterfly website or just give her a call. You’ll be glad you did.



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