How a North Shore Mums advertorial will boost your SEO & traffic

Lucy Chesterton (Editor) & Rachel Chappell (Publisher) of North Shore Mums

Boost your SEO with a North Shore Mums advertorial

Do you want to reach more local customers online, fast? Doing an advertorial with North Shore Mums is a powerful and affordable way to connect with your ideal buyer, using the number one parent’s platform on the North Shore.

As well as reaching thousands of local parents through the North Shore Mums platform (our website, e-newsletter and social media channels), did you know that there’s another huge benefit to running an advertorial with us?

An advertorial with North Shore Mums will also improve the SEO (search engine optimisation) of your website, by:

  • Increasing your search engine ranking
  • Delivering more traffic to your website
  • Turning window shoppers into buyers
  • Lifting your visibility, credibility and trust

So, what is SEO and why is it important?

SEO is influencing the natural search engine results so your website ranks well for your keywords. You can optimise your website through content and technical factors, including the quality, authority and quantity of other sites that link to you.

Keywords are the words a user types into a search engine. When your website includes content that matches those keywords, it will rank better. Your keywords tell Google (and all search engines) what your website is about.

Got a website? You need SEO. Without it, you won’t be visible by your customers online

We all want a quick solution to solve our issues. Which is why only 7% of Google users look past page one of the search engine results.

So, if your business isn’t in the top results for your keywords? Your customers can’t find you.

Links from North Shore Mums increase your ranking 

When one website links to another, it’s called a back link.

Back links from quality, credible websites (like North Shore Mums) are proven to lift the ranking of the websites they link to.

Link authority is a measure of trust and credibility search engines use, based on the fact that certain links pass authority and value from one page to another. It is a predictor of how high a website will rank, similar to domain authority (DA).

The North Shore Mums website has a Domain Rating of 45 and a Domain Authority of 40, making us the highest authority site parenting site on Sydney’s North Shore (and double many other local mums groups, who have a DA of 4-21). When you search almost any topic related to kids and parenting on Sydney’s North Shore, our website is often top of the search results.

Domain Authority (source:, April 2021)

  • = 89
  • = 67
  • = 45
  • = 40
  • = 21
  • = 11
  • = 19
  • = 4

Why you need a North Shore Mums backlink to grow your business

Search engines see high quality backlinks as a vote of confidence in your site.

Having a backlink from our website to yours means our SEO authority flows to your website when we link to you via an advertorial. Our DA is unmatched by any other local parenting websites and will give your business:

  • Higher ranking and visibility in search results
  • More clicks from quality referral traffic who are your ideal audience
  • Higher clicks, sales and happy customers
  • Brand trust that your content is valuable, relevant and credible
  • Exposure to reach more customers and position you above your competitors
  • A visible relationship with North Shore Mums that can pack a punch when it comes to customer conversion

A word on ‘no follow’ and ‘do follow’ links

This is deep SEO, but it’s worth being aware what each type of link means.

  • A dofollow link tells search engines like Google to follow it and let the site know you’re linking to it.
  • A nofollow link includes a piece of code in the link that tells search engines not to pass on any link authority.

It is widely believed across the SEO industry that paid links like advertorials should be nofollow links, because sponsored links can appear unauthentic to Google. You can dive into more about that here.

Never forget: even a nofollow link has value, because it gives potential visitors the opportunity to visit your site and expands awareness. Even a mention on a site without a link is valuable for raising awareness – Search Engine Journal

What’s more important to Google, is that links have proven expertise, are reputable and trustworthy, exactly like North Shore Mums.

It’s important to be transparent about sponsored content

When we publish advertorials that are ‘sponsored content’, we need to be honest and transparent about it – to ensure we maintain trust with our readers and with search engines.

On our Facebook page, you will be tagged as a ‘sponsor’. On the advertorial published on our website, the links will be ‘nofollow’ as they are sponsored links. If we don’t comply with best practice, the authority of our website is negatively affected which ultimately affects long-term website traffic.

Advertorials remain on our website indefinitely (as long as they’re not time or event-specific) and are optimised for search engines to ensure they continue to get quality traffic for many years to come. At the time of publication, they’re promoted across our newsletter and Facebook platform to alert the people you’re wanting to reach. A nofollow link provides great value as it gives potential visitors the opportunity to visit your site and expands awareness.


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