Horrible Harriet is horribly perfect


Our NSM reviewer had one little excited cookie as she drove off to watch the hit show Horrible Harriet at The Concourse in Chatswood. Excited four-year-old Rylee affectionately told mum she has Horrible Harriet at daycare – the book of course. No horrible girls in sight! Luckily, the spectacular show more than lived up to the lively, beloved books! Here’s everything you need to know about the show, and why it creates memories that will stay with your children for life.

  • What: Horrible Harriet, Live on Stage
  • Runs for: 55 minutes (no interval)
  • Best for ages: Age recommendation: 4+yrs and their adults.
  • More information: Horrible Harriet website

Best tips for getting there and what’s nearby

Being an honorary North Shore Mum, now residing on the Central Coast, I was thrilled to be heading back to my old stomping ground at Chatswood. And if you’re like many parents and you often think about how much you’d like a day out like this one, but it seems to hard to organise it all, take heart! Our trip to Chatswood and the location of the show itself had lots of big pluses – in fact, everything a family looks for to make an activity like this one easy! The parking was cheap, plentiful and was located directly under The Concourse. From the parking spot, there’s access straight up in the lift. If, like us, you arrive with plenty of time for lunch (or an early dinner), there’s a clutch of shops across the road and a grassed outdoor area (where we stopped off for some food from the sushi store). When you hit the venue, it’s really family-friendly with accessible toilets close by. After the show, we enjoyed a lovely coffee and milkshake from Lid & Jar. The staff at the booking office recommended this place and it is somewhere I would go again – maybe even kid-free!




The main event: Horrible Harriet!

At just under an hour, Horrible Harriet is the perfect length for little people – and for the adults too.  The show is funny, engaging and full of song and dance, with eye-catching costumes that are bright and cheerful. The play by Maryam Master is an adaptation of the books by Leigh Hobbs
It tells the story of Horrible Harriet, who is wicked, wild and wonderful! According to the writers, Horrible Harriet lives in the roof of her school and keeps teachers chained in the cellar to do her homework for her. While Harriet and the other children don’t see eye to eye, what they don’t know is that deep down, all Harriet really wants is a friend. When Athol Egghead lands in his hot air balloon, Harriet finally meets someone who understands her. Then Mr Chicken arrives to disrupt the whole show! Fortunately Horrible Harriet knows how to handle him…so she thinks!
The kids get really involved in Harriet’s search for identity and friendship, with songs, laughs, mischievous fun – and not least Mr Chicken himself!
When we attended, the place was packed and the kids were completely engaged by the non-stop action on stage – when Mr Chicken would appear all the kids would be pointing and yelling, just in time for the characters to turn around, and boom, he was gone!


Because the show is all about friendship (and figuring out your own identity), the story and lessons do make for a good discussion with the kids.  In fact, we made a new friend ourselves as we had spare tickets to offer a lovely mum and her little girl who were also spending the afternoon at The Concourse, which was a perfect lead-in to the theme of the show! Turns out we’re both on North Shore Mums as well, so it was meant to be.



Besides the fun on the day, seeing a live show reminded me of how important these experiences are with children, and the way they live on in their memories.  It wasn’t until we were at The Concourse that Rylee reminded me of the Jimmy Giggle show she saw there – and that was ages ago Thanks to CDP Kids Production, The Concourse and North Shore Mums, we had a great adventure, not only by seeing a wonderful performance, but we made some new friends thanks to the spare tickets 🙂

We are now off to buy the book Horrible Harriet!


Read more about Horrible Harriet on the CDP website and find out when and where you can see this memorable show!


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