Hornsby Art Prize: Ben Walsh’s Psychomachia

Ben Walsh painting in Hornsby
Hornsby Art prize discovers new and emerging artists each year

Ben Walsh was the 20918 winner of the coveted Hornsby Art Prize for his work Kitten, and now he is bringing his solo show Psychomachia to audiences on the North Shore.

Psychomachia, meaning ‘Soul War’, is the title of the upcoming solo show by the 2018 Hornsby Shire Emerging Artist, Ben Walsh in the Hornsby Art Prize. Ben is engaging with the themes of choice, desire and fear, applying a dark surrealistic style featuring both realistic figurative painting and abstracted elements.

kitten painting

Ben Walsh was named 2018 Hornsby Emerging Artist for ‘Kitten’

Artist Ben Walsh

Psychomachia is a show from the 2018 Hornsby Art Prize Emerging Artist Ben Walsh

The term ‘Psychomachia’ refers to the medieval allegory from the 5th century poet Prudentius. This term formed the basis Walsh’s studio practice over the last year. This style leans toward dark surrealism using both realistic figurative painting and abstracted elements and ideas that distort the figure, creating a uniquely unsettling but beautiful image.

Engaging with themes of choice, desire and fear, Walsh seeks to create work that snares the viewer delivering them to a point of divergence whereby the imagery and themes presented within the works themselves will trigger the exploration of thought, as well as push people to explore and consider other views and perspectives within often ignored or suppressed subject matters.

Having done small shows in community halls in 2015 and 2016, Walsh’s first major project occurred in 2018 in a joint NAS and NIDA installation project named “The Path”, in the same year he was awarded the Hornsby Emerging Artist Prize.

Hornsby Art Prize: Essential Details

  • What:Psychoamachia by Ben Walsh
  • When: Until  Sunday 17 November
  • Where: Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre, 25 Edgeworth  David Ave,Hornsby
  • More details: Psychomachia

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