Happy Val’s! NSMs reveal their partner’s romantic gestures

Valentine’s Day can be a hit-or-miss occasion, with significant others sometime setting a new standard in loving gestures, and other times missing the mark altogether. But luckily for these North Shore Mums, their partners know how to celebrate in style! Read on for the most romantic moments these mums have experienced on the most loved-up day of the year- and every day in between.

Preethi: We were at loggerheads over what we should name our second child. I had my whole heart set on the name Mahi, but my husband would not warm to it. Having acceded to my choice of name for our first born, he wanted to chose the next one himself. Anyway he came home one day with cake, champagne and the keys to my new car. I was totally overwhelmed. And then I saw the card. It was signed by “Baby Mahi”.

Patricia: After some really rough days and nights with our 3 month old in which I spent all hours either breastfeeding or trying to settle the crying baby and doing laundry somewhere in between I received a surprise flower delivery with a note saying “Thank you for looking after me mummy” signed with the baby’s name.

A romantic letter from one NSM’s adoring husband

Sophia: My husband Daniel knows I love to dance – one night I came home to a cleared out lounge room, him in a tuxedo, dimmed lights, candles and music softly playing. He’d laid out a beautiful outfit for me and organised dinner. Our little apartment became a fancy dance hall for the evening.

Sarah: Proposal in Paris under the Eiffel Tower on Valentine’s Day, amazing!

Talia: Once I broke a nice handmade bowl I got for my 21st. Being a special gift I was utterly devastated yet thought it would just end up in the bin. Went out and came back home to this note and my bowl glued back together.

Camille: My now-hubby wrote me a song (titled ‘Falling’) just after we met, then played and recorded it as our wedding dance as a surprise to me!

Laura: My husband wrote and sung me a song at our wedding

Kate: Mine emptied the rubbish bin tonight without me nagging…!

Susy: I was proposed to on Valentine’s Day.

Jenny: My partner was in the army and stationed away from home. I got a phone call. Was the best present to just hear his voice.

Laura: My hubby takes me out every year and doesn’t make me share my dessert!


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