Why the best Christmas gift is a group gift!


As the end of the year approaches, it’s natural to want to thank all the people who’ve made a difference in your child’s life, whether that’s a childcare educator, school teacher, carer or a nanny! A thoughtful gift can be a lovely way of letting them know how much you value all the time and effort they have spent with your child over the year. Grouping together with other parents to get a decent present is a growing trend, and GroupTogether makes it easy! Here’s some group Christmas gift ideas.

Group Gifts

Combine funds with other parents and buy your special person something of decent value… it’s often much better than getting dozens of individual candles, chocolates, mugs bottles of wine or soap!

If you’re pitching in together, make it super easy and save yourself the stress of chasing up people who are late with their cash by setting up a collection with GroupTogether for some group Christmas gift ideas.

What teachers love to get… 

It’s worth noting that not all teachers need (or want!) boxes upon boxes of chocolate or a zillion scented candles! We asked the teachers in the North Shore Mums Facebook group what they love to receive, and here are some of those insights!

If everyone in your class puts in $10-$15, a gift voucher is great! The teacher can actually have $300 to spend on whatever they like, a big treat! I say this after years of teaching getting candles and chocolates!‘ – Carrie

Not scented candles. I still have about 10 I’ve collected over the past five years and haven’t used any! I loved gift cards and chocolate.’ – Irene

I always get about 15 boxes of chocolate. I’ve also gotten some really nice things in the past such as beaded jewellery, scarves, lots of girly things. The best was when all the parents put in a few dollars and got a voucher. The kids making Christmas cards is always cute.’ – Kayla

I once got a pen with my name engraved, which was lovely. A mug or something personal & useful is always nicer than chocolate or flowers as I think of the student each time I use it.’ – Sonia.

‘A magnum of Champagne was the best gift I got’ – Helen

‘Gift vouchers! Christmas decorations for tree, tea towels, homemade treats (thoughtful), pedicure voucher for summer, platters for entertaining, a nice bottle of wine. Things to avoid: chocolate (unless its good quality). Cheap candles and toiletries are not good either… they honestly sit under your sink and end up getting chucked, you get that much of it! These suggestions come from years of teaching.’ – Mish

Start a GroupTogether Collection!

Group Gift Ideas

1. Gift Voucher

In a recent survey by GroupTogether, 73% of teachers said they’d prefer one gift from the class… and most preferred a gift card!

A gift voucher is quite possibly the best gift that you can buy anyone… as it means they can treat themselves to whatever they like! Plus, it makes group Christmas gift ideas easy. There are dozens of different vouchers you can get, so you can show you’ve thought about the person they are in the type of voucher you buy.

GroupTogether offers a range of gift cards or you can give their “AnyCard” which lets the teacher choose a gift from any of their 20 retail partners. This is a no-brainer. No wonder over 100,000 Australian parents have chipped in through GroupTogether.

  • Dining & Eating In – GoodFood, Uber Eats, Dinner Ladies
  • Entertainment – Event Cinemas, JB Hi-Fi
  • Shopping – Coles, Woolworths, BWS, Dan Murphys, Big W, David Jones, Big W
  • Pampering – Endota Spa
  • Sport – Rebel Sport
Group Gift Card

Make your own digital card with everyone’s message and photo!

2. Experience

Give them an experience! There are lots of fabulous local attractions that offer annual passes, memberships or one-off experiences, such as:

  • Taronga Zoo
  • Merlin Annual Pass
  • Australian Reptile Park
  • Raging Waters
  • BridgeClimb
  • Season Pass to favourite sporting event
Gift experience with BridgeClimb

Who wouldn’t love the chance to climb the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge with BridgeClimb?

3. Hamper

There’s something just so Christmassy about a hamper, and there are so many different options on offer – wine, gourmet food, pamper, beer and more!

  • SnowGoose
  • Little Kisses
  • Bockers & Pony
  • Australian Gourmet Gifts
  • Signed Sealed Delivered
  • Gourmet Basket
  • Bird and Barrel
  • Beer Cartel
Hamper Group Gift

Snowgoose: Mixed Fruit, Bubbly & Belgian Chocolates

About GroupTogether

  • GroupTogether is an online platform that solves the problem of collecting money for a group collection. You can GroupTogether to collect money for any gift you can dream of. GroupTogether will invite, remind, collect, track and transfer the money on your behalf.
  • It’s easy to use: Process takes 1 minutes to set up and share a collection. It’s even easier to contribute. No downloads or sign ups necessary.
  • It’s cheap as chips: Collections are free to set up. If you use the collection to buy a hamper or eGift card from one of our retail partners, it’s 100% fee free.
  • It’s charitable: The organiser can nominate for a portion of the collection to go to charity.
  • It’s green: less packaging waste and few wasted gifts.
  • There’s a lovely GroupCard to print or send – friends add a photo and message when they contribute.
  • They transfer the money to any bank account in Australia. Buy a gift or give the cash. Whatever you like.

Start a GroupTogether Collection!


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  1. Verconica

    i can’t agree more than with Cindy’s comment. If parents are putting money into a group presents, get the teacher what they want. Don’t think you know what the teacher wants – I have endless group presents that I have never used and just given to the Salvation Army. Yes and I know they cost 300 plus dollars. It is simply rude to get parents to put into a present and one parent doesn’t get what the teacher wants and the teacher needs to be polite and pretend they like it. I wonder if some parents just have something in their cupboards or have won a competition and just pass it on and get everyone else to pay. PLEASE JUST ASK.

    15 November 2017 at 7:07 pm
  2. Cindy

    Ask the teacher what she or he would like. Every teacher is different. There is no point buying a group present such as a spa voucher if the teacher is uncomfortable with spa treatments.

    12 November 2017 at 4:18 pm
  3. Lucy

    A much needed present for the classroom is always appreciated. The parents bought a beautiful rug for the floor of our classroom. It really made it personal and warm.

    3 November 2016 at 7:36 pm

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