Grandparents Day: Five creative ways to celebrate

gradparents day
Grandparents give our families such a lot, it's time to give a little back! Here are five creative ways to show Nan and Pop just how much they mean to us, from fun ideas for playtime to a custom playlist and more.
Grandparents Day is this weekend, falling on Sunday 25 October, and that means it’s time to show our nannas and grandpas how much we love them! We have some creative ideas to help celebrate on Grandparents Day that can help build bonds, encourage new connection and most of all honour that special relationship that adds so much to family life. 

1. Tell ‘Our Story’

Raising a child is a journey, and when you’re lucky enough to share that journey with beloved grandparents, adventures abound! So, to celebrate this Grandparent’s Day, why not capture the many special moments your child has experienced with their Nan or Pop in a handmade book? Your child can fill the pages with ticket stubs, pressed flowers, photos and stories or for younger children, some lovingly drawn artwork! Grandmum and Grandad will treasure the stories of their adventures with their grandchildren and love leafing through family photos in a scrapbook your child has decorated.

Capture special moments your child has with their Nan or Pop

2. Make a Grandparents Rock Playlist

Music is a great way for generations to share cherished memories and make new ones! Making a playlist especially for Nanny and Grandpa might mean sifting through songs that made you smile, songs the young ones love to sing with their grandparents, or just your family’s favourite songs! Young kids will love choosing the songs and helping write and present a card to Nan, while older children will love discovering the tunes Nan loved as a child, or songs from her youth like an Elvis song!

3. Throw a slumber party

We all know grandparents can’t get enough time with the grandchildren, so a sleepover to celebrate Grandparent’s Day is a a lovely way to extend that special time together. Consider making a day of it by organising a special picnic in the park or for older children, a fancy ladies lunch or even a backyard BBQ. Finish the perfect day with a sleepover complete with midnight feast or a movie and popcorn in your PJs.

Grandparents DAy

Celebrate by organising a picnic in the park , a fancy ladies lunch or throw a backyard BBQ before the sleepover

4. Set up some easy ways  to play

Let’s be honest, kids of all ages (and adults!) love building with LEGO, which makes it the perfect thing to have on hand for Grandparents’s Day fun.  With its enduring appeal spanning the generations, LEGO DUPLO can help bring the whole family together. Plus, given the importance of creative play for toddler development, it’s the best way to connect toddlers with parents and grandparents through a shared creative language (even before they can speak!). The bigger bricks in the DUPLO sets are great for young hands or the less dextrous older LEGO fans.
Celebrating Grandparents Day

Enduring toys like LEGO are a great way to connect toddlers with grandparents through a shared creative language

5. The ‘I Love You’ List

There’s so much to love about Nanny and Grandpa, capture it all in a gorgeous list that can be hand-designed by older kids or put together on a computer. Younger kids will be happy contributing all the special things that they love about their grandparents, from the perfume Nan wears to the cookies Grandpa bakes on a slow Sunday morning. This is also a great way to start a tradition that sees the list extended year after year as the kids grow and discover more they love about their grandparents.

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