Go on a bear hunt around the North Shore!

Bear Hunt
Bear Hunt

Get some fresh air and a bit of exercise while social distancing, and take your kids on a bear hunt around the North Shore! We’re calling upon North Shore Mums to pop a teddy or soft toy in their home windows, to bring joy to children who are walking the streets of their local neighbourhood.

Kindness spreads faster than coronavirus! It’s a trend that is spreading across the world, and it’s all about bringing joy to kids and families. In Sydney, we’re all staying home as much as possible, but we’re allowed to take the kids out for a walk in the neighbourhood (as long as we respect social distancing rules) to get some fresh air.

The Bear Hunt concept started in the United States, and is quickly becoming a trend in Australia too, with the creation of the We’re Going On A Bear Hunt Australia Facebook group, where people are sharing photos of their teddy display. It’s a heartwarming positive to come out of the isolation, and a real stress buster for little ones.

Beanie Boos bear hunt

Finally some use for all those beanie boos!

Let’s create a Bear Hunt on Sydney’s North Shore!

All you need to do is pop a teddy (or more!) in a window of your house, where people walking the streets can see. Or, if you don’t have a visible window, think about hanging one from a tree or another creative way you can display a teddy.

Take a pic, and post it on social media! Use the tag #putyourteddyout and #northshorebearhunt

You can also add your teddy location to The Great Sydney Teddy Bear google map, a website that’s been set up by a North Shore Mums, Alica. Awesome!

Let’s come together as a community, and bring some joy to others.


Go on a bear hunt around the North Shore

Bear Hunt Sydney

Share the love and join the Bear Hunt trend!

Time for some fresh air? Go on a bear hunt in your local neighbourhood on the North Shore! Your kids will be delighted when they spot a bear (and it’s a great way to practice those counting skills!). It’s an activity that can be done from the safety of the footpath so social distancing is still in place.

Of course, if you have a fever, cough, sore throat or feel unwell, do not leave the house at all, and seek medical advice.

Bear Hunt Roseville

Bear Hunt NaremburnWatch the animated ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ story

Don’t forget to read them the famous book on which the concept is based. Or if you don’t have it at home, watch it on YouTube!

More for kids while in Covid-19 Home Isolation


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  1. Mia

    We just placed Paddington Bear on our balcony at No.1 Illiliwa Street Cremorne!!

    10 April 2020 at 3:52 pm

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