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Looking for a quick, easy and affordable way to provide your kids with a nutritious meal each night? North Shore Mum Felicity Frankish trialed Go! Kidz, a kids meal-delivery service for all ages. Here’s five reasons she loves the service (and you will too!).

I try to be a planner as much as possible. But it’s safe to say, life with kids gets the better of me most of the time. And time is something I am very short of with Cassie (5), Vivi (3) and Elliot (2). Truth be told, after piling the kids into the house of an evening (after all their various after-school activities) the last thing on my mind is creating a nutritious meal. Discovering Go! Kidz and their amazing kids meal delivery service was a game-changer. The freezer was cleaned of nuggets, chips and all those ‘can’t-be-bothered meals’ and replaced with nutritious options that are just as easy to whip up!

Elliot enjoying the Roast Pumpkin Ravioli, Tomato Sugo & Mozzarella

There are a number of different meal delivery services cropping up (more than ever thanks to COVID-19), and while they’re a great idea, many of them overlook the kids! Sure, fresh veggies that you can prepare on the night and make into an incredible meal is great, but trying to convince my kids to eat it is a whole new hassle in itself. These Go! Kidz meals have not only being made specifically for kids, but they require very little effort from you. Bonus!

Now let’s dive into the top five reasons I’ve fallen in love with the Go! Kidz meal delivery service.

Go! Kidz

1. Convenient & affordable

One of the biggest concerns many people have when it comes to using meal delivery services is that you end up paying for the convenience.

Go! Kidz balances both convenience and affordability to ensure you get the best value for money out of each meal. Burgers, nuggets, lasagne, meatballs, chicken curry, butter chicken… you name it the choice is there. And each meal starts at just $4.95 per portion! My kids generally make it through two portions between the three of them, meaning it’s less than $10 for a meal. But not just any meal. One that is both nutritional (so I know they’re eating the right things) and also super easy for me to prepare.

Just pop it in the oven or microwave and we’re good to go…

2. Range of textures & flavours

If there’s one thing I get sick of, it’s serving up pasta every night. It seems to be the one meal all three of my kids agree on unanimously. They can’t get enough of the stuff! So, guess what I always have on hand for those nights I just don’t have time? Pasta of course! I’m a little ashamed to mention how many times a week they enjoy this (fairly uncreative) meal.

kids meal delivery service

Such an amazing range of meals!

The Go! Kidz range is aimed at introducing a variety of textures and flavours, so kids can enjoy a huge variety.

Nuggets are a staple in our house, so I knew the Go! Kidz healthy version would be a hit (and they were). Some of the other dishes were new to them, such as the Cottage Pie and Coconut Chicken Curry. It was great being able to test out new flavours and different meats for the kids, giving them some much-needed variety in their diet.

3. They make the best school lunches

It was the one thing I was dreading when my eldest started school this year. The school lunches! I was lucky enough to have had the kids in daycare where all the food was provided for them, so this was whole new territory for me.

kids meal delivery service

Chicken nuggets packed for Cassie’s school lunch

While sandwiches were eaten for the first few weeks, requests did start coming in for something a little different. So, I went out and bought a thermos. It was the best decision I ever made.

All the Go! Kidz meals make the perfect lunch option. They can be heated up in the morning (oven or microwave) and popped in a thermos hot. It’ll still be nice and warm by lunch time.

Cassie loves coming from school and telling how much she enjoyed her lunch – and how much her friends wish they had the same! Apparently there’s a little competition that goes on amongst them all when it comes to school lunches…

Don’t have a thermos? You can even grab some baking paper and foil and wrap the nuggets or pizza up in them to keep them warm for lunch as well. Your kids will love you for it.

4. Everyone can enjoy it!

Cassie enjoying the pizza!

The Go! Kidz meals aren’t just for the kids. Trust me, I think my husband enjoyed the pizza even more than the kids (and he ate the leftovers the next day as well). Each of the meals can be tailored for the adults as well. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Add some naan or flatbread to the butter chicken.
  • Grab some garlic bread to go with the lasagne.
  • Use the pizzas as a starter for your family meal (like we did!).
  • Add some grated cheese, guacamole and chips to the con carne for a Mexican feast.
  • Put together some delicious fish tacos!

5. You can create a meal plan

One of the great things about Go! Kidz is you can create a meal plan, which means less thinking for you. You simply add the meals you want to your cart, choose the meal plan option and then select how frequently you want them delivered. It’s perfect, as it gives me no excuses not to have meals ready for the kids, and I don’t even have to think about it!

kids meal delivery service

The meals arrive in eco-friendly packaging

Delivery is three times a week and Go! Kidz will even take away the sustainable packaging if you’re at home when they deliver.


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