The easy way to monitor and control the hours your kids spend on the internet

With so many gadgets on the go at home, the best tip to keeping them all under control (and the kids safe on the internet) is Fingbox. The simple plug-and-play device secures and troubleshoots your home network- so you can block devices or pause the kids internet access easily (and NSMS get a discount!)

It’s almost impossible to navigate the ever-more-complicated rules of the internet at home. Between the fact that kids are often required to go online as part of their homework requirements, the rise of social media, and the family watching TV and playing games on the computer, it’s hard to be totally across everything kids are seeing and doing on their devices.

The days of being able to ban the internet over- so how do you keep your children, your home and your important information safe online?

Threats to your internet safety at home

  • Internet outage and internet speed checks
  • Blocking intruders from accessing your network
  • Check who is hogging your wifi bandwidth at home
  • Track who is home and online
  • Pause internet on certain devices during homework hours

To manage all these issues, and others, the most useful strategy is to use one control, like FingBox. Fingbox is a one-stop shop that oversees your other gadgets (rather than being yet another thing you’re supposed to buy and plug into the wall!).


What Fingbox can help with:

  • Block Devices: Block any device like intruders or unwanted devices from accessing your network in 1-click.
  • Pause User: Pause all your kid’s devices (wifi on your mobile phone, tablet, gaming console) in 1-click during homework or bedtime time.
  • Alerts & Events: Network and device alerts and an event log of everything that happened in your home.
  • Remote Monitoring: Monitor your network and all devices from anywhere.
  • Internet Security: Alerts about opened ports, malicious threats, and vulnerabilities on your network. Run Internet Security checks anytime
  • DigitalFence™: Detects any device around your Fingbox even if not connected to your WiFi. See who is nearby your home like dog walkers, babysitters, cleaning, or delivery persons.
  • WiFi Speed:  See how fast your WiFi is in every corner of your home to identify dead zones.
  • Internet Speed: See how fast your Internet is performing and if you are getting the speed you are paying for.
  • Evil Twin Access Point Detection: Detection and alerts of malicious evil twin access points which are a threat to network security.

Protect yourself and your family with one simple step. FingBox a simple design with little details that enhance usability and communicates the simplicity and ease of use of the Fing app – which after all is what it’s all about!


 Fingbox retails for $169.00 – but use code NSM2018 for $10.00 off your entire order! Find out more about Fingbox here.

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