Why we love the new non-alcoholic Giesen 0% wines


Are you looking for a non-alcoholic wine to try? With the emerging trend towards cutting back on alcohol consumption, we’re delighted to see New Zealand winemaker, Giesen, release three non-alcoholic 0% wines – with a Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Rosé now in their range!

With the festive season upon us and a release from lockdown, our diaries are quickly filling up with dinners, BBQs and even the odd party! If you’re looking forward to the celebrations, but not quite so much the fuzzy head the next morning… there’s never been a better time to start exploring some alternative drinks.

The days of “sticking to soda water” are well and truly over. If you still want to take a bottle of wine to your next catch up, then take a look at the new alcohol-removed wines from leading New Zealand winery, Giesen.

After the release of its hugely popular 0% non-alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc, Giesen have recently added a 0% Rosé and Pinot Gris into its non-alcoholic wine Giesen 0% range. And we’re excited!

Three non-alcoholic wines from Giesen

All three varietals are perfect go-to wines to enjoy over a picnic with friends or those occasions requiring a designated driver.

Giesen Group Chief Winemaker Duncan Shouler says:

“The sell-out launch of our Sauvignon Blanc showed us that wine lovers want choices within this emerging category. The Giesen 0% Rosé and Pinot Gris have both recently been released in New Zealand, selling out quickly on the Giesen online store. Both wines have been particularly well-received by wine lovers and those looking for a healthier alternative.”

Giesen 0% Pinot Gris

  • This alcohol-removed Pinot Gris features delicate floral notes with white flowers, lychee, and red apple on the nose. The palate offers traditional Pinot Gris characters of apple and pear with just a touch of muscat grape. Light, delicious, and balanced between acidity and sweetness.
  • Rachel from North Shore Mums says: “Absolutely loved the Giesen 0% Pinot Gris! It was light and refreshing, and very easy to drink. There was a lovely balance of crispness and sweetness. Felt very close to the real thing!”
  • Calories: 23 per 125ml glass

Giesen 0% Rosé

  • This alcohol-removed New Zealand Rosé boasts delicious stone fruit aromas of white peach, apple, and fresh strawberries. Those apple and stone fruit notes linger on the palate alongside crisp cranberry flavours and a lively, refreshingly dry texture. 
  • Rachel from North Shore Mums says: “The Giesen 0% Rosé had a delicious fruity flavour, but wasn’t too sweet. Absolutely delicious!”
  • Calories: 16 per 125ml glass

Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc

  • The Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc is made from their premium full-strength Sauvignon Blanc. It’s aromatically expressive, crisp, and refreshing, with the varietal characteristics you know and love… only with the alcohol gently removed.
  • Delicate aromas of fresh lime, redcurrant, and lemon shortbread. Delicious citrus flavours followed by distinct blackcurrant and passionfruit notes define this premium Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Calories: 16 per 125ml glass

Why we love Giesen 0% wine

Giesen 0% Rose wine

Rachel from North Shore Mums tried the Giesen Rose

1. It tastes as good (if not better!) than the real thing

The sophisticated process of removing alcohol from their full-strength wine through spinning-cone distillation means that the non-alcoholic product tastes very similar to the real thing. Nothing like some of the awful grape juices you might have tried in the past!

2. The Giesen 0% has fewer calories!

With 70-80% fewer calories than standard 12.5% alcohol wines, the Giesen non-alcoholic wine range provides delicious low-calorie options for those wishing to moderate their consumption while still enjoying a glass of wine – without the alcohol. Depending on the variety, each glass has only 16-23 calories.

In fact, the Giesen alcohol-removed wines also have around 50% fewer grams of sugar per serving than the closest non-alcoholic wine alternative. How’s that for a bonus?!

3. You bounce out of bed the next morning with a clear head!

Are you the designated driver? Do you have training early tomorrow morning? Do you need to stay sharp and keep your cool while looking after the kids? As much as the temporary buzz can be fun and relaxing… these good feelings are often short-lived.. and followed by a sleepless night or a nasty headache the next day. If you stick to Giesen 0%, you’ll feel fresh as a daisy the next day!

4. You can turn up to any social gathering with a bottle of wine (even if you’re not drinking!)

Turning up to a social event can sometimes feel a bit awkward if you’ve decided to not drink. But with a bottle of Giesen 0% in your cooler bag, you can enjoy a glass of non-alcoholic wine and won’t feel like the odd one out.

5. Cutting back doesn’t mean cutting out altogether

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine… but there can be too much of a good thing, and there comes a time when it’s better to stop. So even if you want to enjoy the festive season and a few glasses of the real thing, it’s good to have a non-alcoholic backup drink, for when you’re ready to make the switch.

Why does a bottle of non-alcoholic wine retail the same as a bottle of normal wine?

Alcohol-removed wine is actually more expensive to produce compared to its full-strength counterpart.

Chief Winemaker Duncan Shouler says:

“To make Giesen 0%, we go through the additional process of putting our full-strength wine through spinning-cone distillation to gently remove the alcohol component. Alcohol-removed wine is actually more expensive to produce compared with its full-strength counterpart – especially when it’s our goal to produce 0% wines with as few calories as possible that taste like wine rather than like grape juice.”

It’s worth noting there are plenty of alternative products on the market that doesn’t go through the full winemaking process and so can be cheaper to purchase. Grape juice is a good example of this.

Where to buy Giesen 0%

Whether you like to buy online or in stores, there are lots of places you can pick up a bottle (or case!) of Giesen. With the new Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Rosé making their way into Australia, find out where you can purchase in-store or online.

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