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Free week trial and huge discounts from Philotimo Jujitsu

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Self-defence skills are one of the best gifts you can offer a young girl. It empowers them with skills and instils confidence that will carry through to other areas of their lives. As restrictions lift around NSW, there is no better time to make a positive change in your child’s life and try girls jujitsu on the North Shore. Philotimo Jujitsu is offering a one week free trial, a whole term of unlimited training for the cost of one class each week and 50% off uniforms and membership fees.  

Join Philotimo Jujitsu today

Philotimo class

Girls and women can benefit so much from the art of self-defence. It empowers them in all aspects of their life, allowing them to find safety in challenging situations. Each child is given the opportunity to develop grace, strength, flexibility, sharp reflexes and take control of any situation. Plus, mums train free with any enrolled child, which means you can train and get fit at no extra charge.


About Philotimo Jujitsu 

Philotimo Jujitsu is an all-girls martial arts school in Hunters Hill that gives girls space to learn and develop their self defence skills in a safe environment. There are three levels of classes to choose from:

  • Minotaurs (3-6 years)
  • Manticores (7-11 years)
  • Arktoi (12-17 years)

In addition, there are also adult classes on offer. Their programs have a strong emphasis on emotional & mental resilience, as well as developing core physical skills.

What makes Philotimo Jujitsu different

Three things…

  1. Size. They are a small school and deliberately so. The goal is to have an impact on the life of each student, which can only be done in a small class situation.
  2. Cost. Their classes are structured to be affordable. Grading and extras aren’t charged, so you have full visibility of what you are paying for with no hidden extras that crop up.
  3. Mums always train free. Mothers can access all our classes at no cost for the lifetime of their children’s memberships. They are really committed to empowering women through the vehicle of martial arts.

Customer Testimonials

Want to see real feedback from real people? Watch the video below. You can also read the North Shore Mums review of the All-Girls Teenage Martial Arts Classes at Philotimo Jujitsu.


The Offer: Free trial week, unlimited training & 50% off

As COVID-19 restrictions lift, now is a great time to start a new and empowering activity. Philotimo Jujitsu is excited to see some new faces at their centre with a special offer just for North Shore Mums.

Special offer:

  • One week free trial (must book)
  • One term Jujitsu with unlimited training for the cost of one class each week (save $110)
  • 50% off uniform and membership fee


Philotimo Jujitsu: Essential Details

Philotimo logo

Terms and Conditions

  • Week Free trial valid until 31 July 2020.
  • Discount training offer valid from 20-31 July 2020.

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