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Be an angel this Christmas (and beyond!). Help a Foster child

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Foster Care Angels is an amazing children’s charity providing a range of support services to help foster children reach their full potential. They create Care Packages for children removed from their biological families to provide comfort, support and necessities to help them through a tough time. Give the gift of love this Christmas! 

These are some sad statistics, but every year in NSW, more than 3,000 children are removed from their biological family.

Right now, there are almost 20,000 children in foster care in NSW alone.

When children are removed from their houses, most do not have the opportunity to collect their personal belongings and often have nothing of their own other than the clothes on their backs.

Foster Care at Christmas

When a child is removed, they often take no belongings

Foster Care Angels is a Sydney based, grassroots children’s charity that provides a range of support services that enables foster children to reach their full potential. And like other ways you can give back this Christmas, such as buying from the bush for your Christmas gifts, there are yet more ways to show compassion and care to the community.

About Foster Care Angels Care Packages

Foster Care Angels was established in 2011 by foster carers with a single program, Care Packages. The Care Package Program provides comfort and essential items in unbranded back packs to children at the time they are removed. Each care package is age and gender appropriate and is lovingly hand assembled by a dedicated team of volunteers.

The care packages are split into four different age groups, being:

  • Babies (0-1)
  • Toddler (2-5)
  • Primary (6 – 11)
  • Secondary (12 – 17 )

Each Care Package contains brand new items that includes a teddy bear, toiletry items, school supplies, book, toy, colouring and activity packs and more.  The blend of comfort and essential items was put together in consultation with a clinical psychologist to ensure the maximum benefit of providing the Care Packages was felt by the children receiving them.

  • The care packages help to foster a positive relationship between the worker and the child
  • Provide the child with personal possessions that increase a sense of self-worth and ease anxiety caused by the trauma of removal
  • Older children understand they’re not alone, that people are aware of their situation and want to offer help and support
Foster Child with puppy

The Care Package Program provides comfort and essential items to children at the time they are removed


A foster carer once shared:

“Riya (who was 7) had been in our care for about 6 months, she was beginning to trust us and shared with me her special treasurers’ box, which was an empty shoe box.  Inside was the hairbrush she had received from the Foster Care Angels Care Package.  She had kept it, unused, in her special treasures box since receiving it – to her it was too special to be used.  When she lived at home her dream was to have her hair brushed and to have a hairbrush of her own, just like all the other girls she’d gone to school with.”

While the benefits to the Children and Case Workers in having the Care Packages is obvious there is no interest from the NSW government in funding this program.  Therefore, as for most of our programs, we rely on the generous support of the NSW community to give these children a sense of comfort and support to help ease the anxiety caused by the separation from their family.

How you can help Foster Care Angels

From as little as $1 per day, you can ensure that every child taken in care receives a Care Package.

Just $30 a month can have a life changing impact on a young person at an incredibly traumatic and distressing time. To help, click here to set up a monthly donation to Foster Care Angels.

Essential Details

Other help and ways to reach out in the community:

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