Five gifts new mums really want…and need!

Do you know someone who’s just become a mum? This list of practical gifts makes sure your choice is something she wants AND needs in those precious first few weeks, writes North Shore Mum Tricia McKay.

A friend of mine gave birth to her second son recently, so I was at the shops looking for a gift for the her and the little one when it suddenly occurred to me: “Does she really need another blanket? Or toy? Or cute little jumpsuit that bub will in all likelihood only wear once or twice?”

I realised, through my own experience as a mum, that the answer is no.

As I think back on those fuzzy, sleepless days and nights, I remember so clearly now what it was that I truly appreciated and needed and I’m telling you, it isn’t a teddy bear. Here are some practical gift ideas any new mum will REALLY appreciate.

1. Food

I remember crying tears of joy in those hazy baby days, when my lovely mother-in-law turned up at my door with a week’s worth of homemade meals that I could easily heat up and eat! It was such a blessing not to have to worry about cooking and grocery shopping and the washing of dirty dishes and is a gift truly appreciated. Quiches, pies, casseroles and soups are great meal ideas.

CLEANWOMAN2. Cleaning service 

New mums are told to ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’, but new mums also have to cook, eat, shower and clean. One of the best gift a new mum or any mum, in fact can have is hiring a cleaner, so the house is clean, tidy and sparkly (even when mum is covered in drool herself).

3. Overnight babysitting

With the constant feeding, soothing and nappy changing 24/7, new mums are inevitably sleep deprived. I remember when Alex was a newborn, I used to fantasize about having a solid 8 hours sleep. If you’re good with little babies, offer to babysit overnight, if not, you can engage a professional overnight nanny. There are a number of nanny agencies who will provide such a service..

4. Streaming TV and movie service

There’s actually not much to do while breastfeeding, apart from staring at your sweet little bundle of joy. Which I did, a lot. I also spent so many of my breastfeeding hours watching catch up TV (like The Bachelor, for example) on my iPhone. And there are so many movies I’d have missed out on if not for TV and movie streaming services.

5. Nappies and wipes 

Fact: babies poo A LOT. And they pee A LOT. And they make A LOT of mess. So naturally new mums go through boxes and boxes of nappies very very quickly, which makes nappies and wipes a very welcome gift. While not the most exciting of gifts, this one is certainly the most practical!

Do you have any other practical gift ideas for new mums?

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Trish McKay lives on the Upper North Shore and is mum to one cheeky little boy. She facilitates Teddies Playgroup in South Turramurra and runs Sydney North Shore Nannies, a boutique childminding agency.

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