First Day of School Gallery 2022


After looking through hundreds of gorgeous photos, we’re delighted to share our favourite photos from North Shore Mums families of local kids on their First Day of School for 2022.

Starting back at school in 2022 was different to years gone by… Covid is now throughout the community, we’re required to give our children RAT tests twice a week and face masks are compulsory for high school students (and strongly recommended for primary school children). For many parents, we’re thrilled to not having to run online learning for our kids, yet anxious at the same time about Covid, getting sick, being required to isolate and missing out on important events.

Despite the extra challenges, the smiles from the kids on their first day of school for 2022 were just as bright and beautiful as they have been over years. We delighted in looking at all the happy faces of local kids before their big first day back at childcare, daycare, preschool or school.

Every year, it just gets harder and harder to choose our favourite photos from out annual First Day of School promotion. Now running for six years, there seems to be more and more entries every year. But it has to be done, and we’re delighted to announce our  winners for 2022! Congratulations to the following North Shore families…

First Day of School Winner 2022

A big congratulations to Ally from St Ives Chase… her gorgeous pre-school twin girls and their adorable smiles have won her a well-deserved pamper at The Langham!

Ally has won the major prize of a Reboot Retreat at The Langham (worth $370). With the kids back at childcare or school, we expect that she’ll be needing some ‘me’ time to relax and rejuvenate! The Reboot Retreat at The Langham is worth $370 and includes the following indulgences:

  • 45 minute Relaxation Massage
  • 45 minute Babor Spa facial
  • The Langham plush signature Langham robes and matching slippers to wear in our retreat
  • Access to Sydney’s top indoor, heated swimming pool, steam rooms and Health Club
  • A complimentary wellness drink or in-house brewed herbal tea by the pool to finish

Ally Keramea, St Ives Chase

“The girls were so excited. They woke up extremely early to pack their bags. Nothing but excitement in our household today.” – Ally

Gracie & Ava on their first day of Preschool 2022

First Day of School Finalists 2022

Congratulations to the five finalists, who have each won a $50 voucher to spend at QE Foodstores in Crows Nest, Milsons Point or St Leonards store.

Abby Solomon, Petersham

“Hamish and Ivy were more than ready to get back to school after six weeks at home with Mum!” – Abby

First Day of School, Year 1

Hamish & Ivy on their First Day of Year 1 2022

Ayako Motoki, Lane Cove

Hugo looking super smart and a bright smile on his first day of Year 1 2022.

First Day of School, Year 1

Hugo on his First Day of Year 1 2022

Mimi Fong, Hornsby

“Skye was so excited to be finally back at school with all her friends. This year is a big one for her as not only is it her final year of Primary (seriously, where has the time gone?!), she also starts the new school year as School Captain! So here she is with her ‘sister’, Shen … one happy girl!” – Mimi

First day of Year 6

Skye on her First Day of Year 6 2022

Miranda Lam, East Killara

“Michele was super excited to start her big school today. She can finally wear uniform and take school bus with her big sister to go to big school! She told me there is lots of fun at school after her first day!” – Miranda

Michele on her First Day of Kindergarten 2022

“Annabel said she is so excited to start year 3 and going back to school as she felt it’s been a long time! She is super looking forward to start her 1st day at school today!” – Miranda

First day of year 3

Annabel on her first day of Year 3 2022

Tanya O’Hara, Hornsby Heights

“Super excited, ready to learn and see all their friends! Even packed their own lunch boxes! 2022 here we come…” – Tanya


Thanks to our sponsor, QE Foodstores

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to QE Foodstores for sponsoring our First Day of School posters for 2022. 

Shopping for quality food doesn’t have to be hard – that’s where QE Foodstores come in! They now have three handy North Shore locations at Crows Nest, St Leonards and Milsons Point, to make fresh food shopping even easier.

QE is a small family-owned business and has been around for nearly 20 years. They’re driven by improving families’ health and wellbeing through their kitchens. They want their customers to see QE as an extension of their kitchen by thoughtfully stocking a wide range of fresh products that align with our values. They want lunchboxes that are filled with the best quality and nurturing products and they want to build healthy eating habits for the whole family.

They have a loyal customer base and stand out because:

  • They have a large selection of premium products which makes it very convenient to be able to access such a great variety under one roof.
  • The quality of their fruits and vegetables are always excellent. Because we are an independent operator, they go to the markets several times a week to ensure our produce is fresh. They also support local Australian growers – this is very important to them as well.

QE Foodstores is set to become a household name. While they currently have a total of 10 stores throughout Sydney, they are planning to expand with the goal of 50 stores by 2030.

They share three super easy weeknight dinner ideas, to help you with your busy evenings!

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