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Finding North Shore school holiday activities: The stress-free secret!

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Kids Activities North Shore

Struggling with finding school holiday activities on the North Shore? Skills and Thrills is a brilliant service that lets you find, book and pay for kids school holiday activities on the north shore from your favourite suppliers, all in one place. And we all know signing kids up for school holiday activities can make the break a lot easier on parents!

skills and thrills

There’s only so many days you can spend at free play areas in Sydney shopping centres, or enjoying outdoor fun like splashing fun at Sydney’s best Water Playgrounds. Even visting pretty picnic spots by the water can be difficult in busy summer periods, or when the weather is too hot. So many parents will be thrilled to find out there’s an easy way to organise local activities for the kids during those long breaks. Enter Skills and Thrills!

The problem? Finding North Shore School Holiday activities

Only parents understand how tricky (and time consuming) it can be finding school holiday activities for the kids. Usually it means trawling through endless sites and trying to compare prices of  different swimming schools, or trying to match up dates of different drama classes for your kids.

It was that exact problem that led local parents Shazia Juma-Ross and Michael Hunter to co-found Skills and Thrills, a service for local parents that makes booking kids activities easier in the North Shore.

Facing a summer break and needing to entertain their kids, both Shazia and Michael found themselves frustrated at the ridiculous amount of time it took to find school holiday activities for their children.

Shazia had spent ages each holiday scouring the internet for different providers, often late at night and frequently being met with never-ending phone tagging and long consent forms. With time already poor from demanding corporate roles, and needing to find options for their kids for 12 weeks of the year, they knew they could do this better, so they joined forces and Skills and Thrills was born!

Kids school holiday class

Whatever your kids love, Skills and Thrills has something to suit

What is Skills and Thrills?

Skills and Thrills an online hub where parents and carers can instantly find, book and pay for engaging kids’ programs and experiences. It takes the hassle out of spending hours searching, vetting and co-ordinating with other parents.

Child at slime school holiday workshop

Skills and Thrills takes the hassle out of spending hours searching for holiday classes

How does Skills and Thrills work?

Filter by activity: Whether your kids like art or acrobatics, ballet or basketball, you’ll have every option in one place.

Filter by age: Whether your kids are 5 or 12 years old, Skills and Thrills has a perfect match for them!

Filter by location: Skills and Thrills is hyper-local and sources trusted providers across the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and the North Shore.

A child performing a play

Witches & Werewolves Drama is one program for 5-12 year old performers

About the Skills and Thrills founders

As co-founders of Skills and Thrills, local parents Shazia Juma-Ross and Michael Hunter sure know a thing or two about finding school holiday activities on the North Shore!

School holiday site founder

Co-founder of Skills and Thrills and local parent Michael Hunter

Skills and Thrills co-founder

Before Skills and Thrills, Shazia Juma-Ross would scour the internet for school holiday activities

While working together at Macquarie, Shazia (ex Global COO Macquarie Capital) and Michael (Venture Capital) were both frustrated at the ridiculous amount of time it took finding school holiday activities on the North Shore.

With both founders’ thorough understanding and deep connectivity in the corporate world, it only made sense that they would bring their winning model to the enterprise market. Helping foster diversity and inclusion, Skills and Thrills Corporate Care helps enterprises and their staff by providing fully vetted, on site kids holiday programs with a variety of top tier providers. Skills and Thrills has a growing customer base across a range of industries including:

  • Property
  • Banking and finance
  • Universities
  • Consultancies
  • Technology companies.

Skills and Thrills manages the risk, does all the administrative work and provides an end-to-end service.

With school holidays upon us visit Skills and Thrills to book your place. Hurry as spaces go quick, and don’t forget to think ahead for future hols! For all Corporate Care enquiries, please email Shazia Juma-Ross on [email protected]  or phone 1300 629 497.

skills and thrills

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