Finding myself again since becoming a Mum


The ‘From Chaos to Calm’ webinar series wasn’t what I was expecting, and I’m glad.

Although the program is aimed at mums, it covers a lot of areas that are really important to everyone. For me, it made me realise that since becoming a Mum, I’d lost who I was along the way.

I hadn’t ever taken the time to think about what my values are – what I wanted for my life, what I wanted for my kids and whether my partner and I had aligning values. This may seem obvious, but beyond a value of family, it made me really think about what else drives me?

The course also looks at other interesting topics, such as Mother’s guilt. We all do it, but where does it come from? I’m sure many of us are plagued with thoughts like; ‘I have to be able to handle everything’, ‘I should pick up the kids at 3pm like other Mothers’, ‘My house should be tidier’ and, ‘Why do I deserve time away from my kids?’

There are so many reasons we berate ourselves, and it was a real awakening for me when we discussed what these thoughts really mean, and what they are doing to us and our families.

Spend a few nights with Anna and a group of very similar women to discover or rediscover what is important to you, the underlying beliefs that are a barrier to having the life you want and how to knock these down.

This series is the foundation of helping you start creating what you want from life, to realise that it is possible and you can make it happen.

Change isn’t easy… there is work to do! After each session there is some homework, which really does ensure you get the most out of the webinars.

Central to the Chaos to Calm webinar series is Anna from Grow Happy Coaching, who created and presents the series. Anna is an energetic Mum who really is passionate about the series and wants to teach her group how to care for yourself, your relationships and your family. After the course, you stay connected with Anna and your team via a private Facebook group so you can continue to support each other.

I found the course really worthwhile. It’s given me the tools to reevaluate my life and circumstances differently, be calmer and work towards the life I want for my kids and myself.


FB Post newFrom Chaos to Calm is a Coaching program created for mums struggling with balance. It’s designed to help mums re-invest in themselves, help them reconnect with who they are, and most importantly help them to design a life they really love.

The program combines a series of online coaching videos, with home study workbooks – and provides mums with a series of strategies to regain their focus, take back control, and create meaningful change.

Through six specially created modules, you will gain the following:

  • A greater value of yourself
  • Growing confidence and self trust
  • A clear understanding of what’s really important to you
  • A clear view on who you are and what you stand for
  • A better handle on your emotions
  • Better organisation and time management skills
  • A clear vision of your future with a detailed plan to get you there

The home study program was created in response to the popularity of live webinar series. It has been designed so that mums everywhere can access the program at home anytime, without needing to wait for the next live intake. Instead your modules are released to you online, at a time and pace that works for you! Click here for more details.


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