Finding a job that’s your ‘perfect match’

Finding the “perfect match” between an employer and a business isn’t always easy. Many mums search endlessly for the perfect role which will suit their childcare and family needs, never realising there’s a business out there searching for their exact talents. Here we show you easy ways to connect with a new employer (or if you’re looking for someone, how to find the right talent!) plus, for mums returning to work, here are some great tips.

Five common resumes mistakes that may cost you an interview:

1. It’s too long. A CV has maximum impact at two or three pages. Jobs you held more than ten years ago can be omitted.

2. It’s too vague. Report your career history clearly, in reverse chronological order, and summarise the purpose of the role you held in one sentence.

3. It’s not updated for the role. Make sure you tweak your CV for each different role you apply for.

4. Make it look professional! Use clear fonts and check your spelling and grammar are correct

5. Explain the gap: If you address maternity leave, the most popular options are listing the dates as ‘maternity leave’ or leaving it out and explaining in a cover letter or at interview if necessary.

Ways to connect with an employer (or for businesses, how you can find an employee!)

Whether you’re a mum looking to get back into the workforce or you have a business that is searching for new talent, I Want 2 WORK is one way to bring simplicity and efficiency to the recruitment process. I Want 2 WORK is an online jobs portal designed to connect employers and employees fast. They consider themselves online matchmakers, whether it’s for a short term contract or a long term role.

For jobseekers: If you want to work, IW2W is the perfect place to attract the attention of potential employers. You can establish a free profile in just a few minutes, get discovered and find work. It’s that easy. You can also build a professional resume using the IW2W Resume Builder tool and the IW2W Video Resume allows you to create an online video to showcase your skills and talents. As a jobseeker, you can create a free profile tailored to the kind of work you are searching for. You can let employers know when you are available, whether that might be for a full time role or some work on the weekend. Or you can use the unique ‘School Hours’ availability function. You can let employers know all about YOUR talents and when YOU are available.

For employers: The I Want 2 Work team help you to save time, money and frustration by making the recruitment process easier. Simply create a job brief with the details of the role, then send it to the right candidates using the unique IW2W search function. You’ll only pay when a candidate accepts your contact request and you will stay anonymous until you’re both ready to connect. No more boring ‘job ads’ that only seem to attract the attention of the wrong candidates, and no more searching through endless resumes that have been cut and pasted from the internet. YOU can make decisions about who the ideal candidate is for YOUR business by searching some simple profiles that stick to the facts. It’s affordable, fast and secure—the way recruitment should be.

This information was brought to you by I Want 2 Work. Sign up at I Want 2 Work to create your free profile today!

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