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Ask the Expert! Facestudio by Bronnie shares her best anti-aging tips


As mums, our own wellbeing often drops to the bottom of our to-do list. Yet, as our largest organ, skin is essential to our overall health – and let’s face it, we all deserve a little indulgence! But it can be so hard knowing where to start, what treatments are right for you and exactly what to expect at each appointment. We’ve asked Bronnie, founding director of Facestudio by Bronnie, to elaborate. 

You’ve no doubt heard about the wonders of collagen, but have you taken the time to learn about its benefits and exactly what it can do for your skin? Collagen stimulation is a key aspect of long-term age management and helps in the maintenance of elasticity of your skin health.

It’s time to indulge in a little self-care

As you age, your existing collagen breaks down and your body is less effective at creating more – hello wrinkles! But there are treatments out there to help keep that youthful glow through the years. Bronnie from Facestudio by Bronnie shares these treatments, what a healthy skin care regime looks like and lots more.

What’s the best treatment for keeping a youthful glow?

Using quality skincare is essential. I recommend and personally use Skinscript cosmeceuticals, which offers quality vitamin serums that truly change the way your skin functions and optimises a healthy glowing complexion.

There’s also an incredible new injectable hydrator and collagen and elastin stimulator. It’s the world’s first injectable hyaluronic acid treatment with no added chemicals. This treatment activates skin cells causing new collagen and elastin production, resulting in a glowing, firm, smooth complexion.

Here at Facestudio, our Radiofrequency (RF) Secret Skin Needling continuously improves your skin’s structure, strength and elasticity over several months.

If injectables aren’t for you and you want to harness your own skin’s power to make new collagen, we’d advise some in-clinic treatment with our skin expert Dominique, such as a rejuvenation IPL, micro needling, a peel or perhaps some RF Needling or Fraxel for more substantial correction of colour/textural concerns, all of which build on your glowing skin plan.

What is collagen stimulation and who is it for?

Quite simply…everyone. Our skin’s ability to maintain the same levels of collagen decline from our 20s. As a result, our skin further dulls and functions less effectively in response to environmental damage, such as sun exposure.

Then comes hormonal changes, with decreasing levels of oestrogen, our skin ages more rapidly and skin becomes depleted, thinner, dryer and laxer. For those wanting to boost their skin ability to stay youthful and counteract the ageing process, collagen stimulation is very effective.

At FSBB we over a full suite of treatments from oral collagen supplementation and collagen stimulating devices to injectable collagen stimulation.

What technology do you use?

During consultation a skin scanner called More Me for photos and initial skin assessment.

I am also trained in facial ultrasound assessment, which gives our patients a visual on their skin structures and safety when using injectables.

Our Dermal therapist Dominique performs most of the treatments at the clinic as I focus on the injectable treatments.

Dominique uses HIFU (Ulfit) for skin firming, sculpting and fat reduction. She uses the newest technology laser treatments or skin rejuvenation and correction of discolouration. We’ve recently added a RF Needling machine that takes care of textural concerns, forms and smooths skin. Her Medifacials include LED Healitte and Iontophoresis to infuse the skin with all the skin loving ingredients.

We’re always researching technology and waiting to find exactly the right device to give the best results for our patients.

What tips do you have for a good skincare regime?

I encourage everyone to establish a routine that involves cleansing the face in the morning after waking and cleansing at night to remove the debris of the day. Your cleanser should not make your skin feel dry or irritated after use. Double cleanse at night when wearing make-up.

We sell gorgeously soft microfibre cleaning cloths that sweep debris off the skin. These can be used with water alone, which sometimes helps start the routine of cleansing twice a day. We also have two cleansers to suit most skin types, leaving your skin feeling clean, nourished and soothed, not impairing your natural lipid layer which is there to protect your skin.

Next, we’d love you to apply a serum or two, but this can be overwhelming as you start out. Instead, just get a moisturising SPF on before you set out for the day. I recommend keeping your skincare near your toothbrush, so you are reminded to use it. Serums at night before moisturiser is optimal.

What beauty products can’t you live without?

Right now, I’ve just enjoyed my 54th birthday and I’ve started an oral collagen supplement. If I’d had access to my collagen lift earlier, I would have started using it in my 30s!

Much research has bought this product to Facestudio by Bronnie. We’re excited to be able to finally offer a clinically proven product that promotes collagen production, hydration, antioxidants, zinc and anti-inflammatories to stimulate skin firmness, hydration and improved texture. My hair and nails a growing faster. I just take a sachet mixed in water every morning, tastes nice and gives me energy for my busy days at work. Of course, I never miss my morning and night skincare routine with my Skinscript products.

What’s the best treatment for pimple-free skin for a teen?

Skinscript Skincare will calm and sooth and heal acne skin

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition. Skinscript Skincare will calm and sooth and heal acne skin. Although Skincare and treatments are effective in managing the condition, they don’t address the cause. I feel so strongly that skincare and regular treatments can help avoid taking the medication option and should be explored first.

Starting your teen on a good skincare routine will help them through life in maintaining good skin health. So much confusion exists in this area, between over-the-counter products. Coming to see an expert at a respected clinic that offers a treatment plan, products and support is key to success. We also have a skincare form available on our website that your teen can fill in and receive a skincare treatment plan and advice.

Many teens get caught over cleansing their skin which leads to over drying the skin, then a flood of acne-causing oil releases to cause yet another breakout as the dead skin cells get caught in the oil surface. A cleanser that doesn’t strip natural oils used twice a day is enough.

In terms of exfoliating, we only recommend serum exfoliants with a high level of Salicylic acid to soother and clear pores and dead cells. Our BHA Serum has added anti-fungal/anti-bacterial and pro and pre bionics to protect the vulnerable microbiome of the skin. Using a good quality Vitamin A is invaluable in managing this condition.

Unfortunately, many over-the-counter products are in formulas that are irritating to the skin and hard to continue using. Our Vitamin A Clear will effectively control oil, hydrate, calm and soothe acne whilst acting on inflammation and infection, promoting healing without the harshness of regular retinol.

What happens in a consultation?

Patients are sent a form to complete prior to their appointment outlining their medical history and current skincare routine. You are encouraged to bring your current products to your consultation.

Book a consultation with Bronnie

Once you’re at the clinic, Bronnie will sit with you to discuss your concerns, explain your options and complete a three-month treatment plan and product recommendations. We also photograph your skin in a skin analysis device and give you a report on your current skin condition.

We take a series of before photos, which are all kept safe on your digital file. You are given your treatment plan, samples and brochures to consider. If you’ve indicated you want treatment on the same day, then we usually tackle your first concern if you choose to go ahead after considering your options and Bronnie’s recommendations.

How do your treatment plans work?

They give you guide of what treatments you need over the next three months to reach you skin goals, we then review progress and photos every three months and reassess where you’re at and how you want to move forward into your treatments over the next three months.

Plans are continually assessed, reassessed and adjusted as initial concerns are addressed and secondary concerns are planned and addressed, and scheduled maintenance treatments are also part of the plan.

What treatments do you offer?

PDO threads are a non-surgical method of tightening, thickening and lifting relaxed or tired skin.

Everyone who comes to the clinic will start with a thorough consultation and leaves with a skincare plan covering product recommendation, treatment options, costings and samples of skincare to try.

Our team of warm, professional clinicians will work collaboratively with you to determine your skin’s needs, offering:
  • Injectables
  • Skin needling
  • Threads
  • Laser
  • Body treatments
  • Peels
  • Facials

Book a Consultation with Facestudio by Bronnie

Ready to put yourself first and give your skin the treatment it deserves? Facestudio by Bronnie takes extra care with their patients by giving them a comprehensive treatment plan that includes treatments and skincare all available from one location and includes follow ups, aftercare and reviews. They have the most up-to-date technology in the industry and 35+ years of experience between the two therapists.

Yes, I want to book a consultation

About Facestudio by Bronnie: Facestudio by Bronnie is a highly sought-after cosmetic studio that was established to bring her industry-leading expertise to our beautiful Upper North Shore community and beyond. With the highest attention to detail and a collaborative approach, you can work together to establish a treatment plan that supports and empowers you, delivering the results you desire. 

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