Mums share what makes North Shore Mums Facebook group special to them


We had an overwhelming response to our special competition to celebrate reaching 30,000 members in the North Shore Mums Facebook group. We’ve read hundreds of beautiful words from our wonderful mums, sharing just how much North Shore Mums has impacted their parenting journey, and have been so incredibly humbled to see the positive impact this online community has had upon real people.

We’d love to thank everyone who took the time to share their experiences with the group, it really does mean so much to all the team of North Shore Mums who work quietly behind the scenes as moderators for the group to keep it a friendly, supportive, positive and helpful group.

And now, it’s time to announce the winners! It goes without saying that we had a really hard time choosing just 30 winners from the hundreds of entries, but we’re sure you’ll agree they encapsulate different aspects of the group.

  1. ‘North Shore Mums has saved me from many dark days in my life. I had depression when I had my second child and also discovered I have an autoimmune disease. Both conditions have left me helpless and gutted. I also had no family here to support me. When I found north shore mums Facebook group, my life changed. I no longer a loner. I learnt from other members of the group continuously. I asked many questions on the group and had useful answers. I now have supports I never had. Thank you NSM.’ – Adele, East Lindfield
  2. ‘Love that there’s always someone out there with an answer! No matter how random your question might be, there’s always somebody else who’s been in your position before.’ – Alex.
  3. ‘The Beauty of NSM’s, is the collection of amazing women, Who are willing to give their time to help other members of this wonderful community.As a parent of a young boy diagnosed with ADHD last year, I have read many posts on Doctors to see, medications others have had their child trial. I haven’t felt alone in the daily struggle of dealing with the monumental melt downs we have with my son. Thank you ladies for this amazing group’ – Alexandra, Mount Colah.
  4. ‘I moved to the North Shore as an adult, but NSM told me all its secrets. Walking trails, instagrammable babycinos, and rainy day activities. Now I parent like a local!’ – Amelia, Wollstonecraft.
  5. ‘NSM is supportive, informative and inspirational. The place to go to for advice on parenting, household and many other matters. The information about local activities inspires me to get out and do new and exciting things with my kids, whilst supporting local businesses as well. Hearing stories from local women is inspiring and uplifting. NSM is a great resource. Thank you!’ – Belinda, Narraweena.
  6. ‘For the last 2 months this page has been my biggest resource as we adjust to life as immigrants in Australia. Having left behind our family and friends, we hopped on a plane from South Africa on 5 August not knowing what to expect. As the baby of my family, it was a particularly heart wrenching goodbye! From day 1 here, though, you mums have been STELLAR in your support!! From practical school stuff to finding employment, I can honestly say you have made what has been a really emotional rollercoaster ride, a lot more manageable. Thank you to each person who welcomed me, invited me for a coffee – which I am excited to still take up – inspired me and all-round just been bloody amazing! You have made my journey as a mum to a 7 yr old finding ourselves in a new country easier and for that I will always be eternally grateful.’ – Cindy.
  7. ‘I am the grandmother of two boys ( 4 years and 1 year) who live with their father. I help when needed and try to give them a motherly role model. North Shore Mums has been my inspiration in so many ways with advice, ideas and support. It is especially a comfort to know there is a network of friends to turn to if needed.’ – Di, Turramurra
  8. ‘My husband and I live in Wahroonga with our amazing 19 month old baby boy. Our baby was recently very sick with pneumonia and we had him treated at WISE in Macquarie Park. After they gave him a big dose of antibiotics via IV, they gave him a gorgeous care pack that had been donated by North Shore Mums Smiles2U. It has a teddy and some books. It was such a thoughtful and generous gift and it was what we all needed at the time to cheer up after a stressful couple of weeks with bubby. Thank you!’ – Elizabeth, Wahroonga
  9. ‘I used to think that I was born to be a mum. I couldn’t wait! I was so excited. Then after I had my son I felt so alone, so incompetent, a failure as a mum. This group has changed my life. Having people share their stories, ideas, helpful hints made me feel capable and normal. It gave me confidence and now I love being a mum. I now also look forward to going to activities suggested on this site and enjoying being out and about with my family.’ – Jacqui, Mosman.
  10. ‘I would be lost without it. I felt very isolated when I first became a mum & just didn’t feel connected to my mothers group. The Facebook page helped me with being a mum, made me get out of the house with my kids & also helped me realise that there were mums out there that are similar to me. Thank you North Shore Mums xxx’ – Jennifer, Belrose.
  11. ‘If it weren’t for North Shore Mums I would’ve found the journey into motherhood very lonely and isolating. From the long dark nights feeding my first baby, through severe post natal anxiety with my second baby, to finding the support I needed to put the black dog in its place with my third baby, I would have found the motherhood journey a very lonely place without North Shore Mums! I use the NSM for everything now from finding a tradie to getting parenting reassurance.’ – Jill, Pymble.
  12. ‘It has helped to know you are not alone especially when you are a first time Mum! And to feel that there is somewhere to go if you want to ask an awkward question or look to see if someone else has already asked the same question! It makes the journey a little less lonely – I read somewhere once that as a Mum you are forever lonely but never alone and I think North Shore Mums has helped me feel a little less lonely.’ – Joanna, Waitara
  13. ‘The NSM FB group has given me greater insight into other mums who have cancer who I have identified with and made me feel that I’m not alone in my cancer fight. I also love reading the funny stories which puts a smile on my dial. Thanks NSM!’ – Joanne, Pymble
  14. ‘From helpful forums, giving support, advice and letting me know I’m not alone in many parenting woes, to great park and restaurant tips! North Shore Mums is the best!’ – Johanna, Thornleigh
  15. ‘I look to North Shore Mums for all local recommendations on things I can do with my toddler. Whether it be new parks to try, upcoming family events, child friendly places to eat, or which pharmacies in the area are open until late (essential when your child suddenly breaks out in a fever), it’s my go to page for all things local! Our family has really engrossed ourselves within the community thanks to this group & it’s nice to know there’s other mums (& dads) out there looking out for each other.’ – Kerrie, Mount Colah
  16. ‘Networking with other mums at all hours
    Opened my eyes to controversial topics
    Realise parenting is bloody hard
    Trust strangers who offer advice and hope they are right!
    Helped me decide what to do when child is sick!
    Saved the day when I posted anonymously
    Helped pass the time whilst bf
    Opportunity to help others
    Recommendations on any topic
    Enabled me to advertise my uni research
    Meet NSMs around
    Use NSM businesses
    Made me a better mum
    Showed me the arrow on the car for petrol’ – Kirsten, Berowra
  17. ‘We’ve had three international moves in the last eight years! Needless to say our social networks have been disrupted! North Shore Mums has been amazing for me to get a sense of what to do and where to go in Sydney. Just knowing that there was a group of motivated, like-minded women that I could ask for advice and reach out to if needed was a tremendous boost to mental health in the early days of our move in 2015 with my 2 year old.’ – Laura, Chatswood
  18. ‘NSM has answered my questions from pregnancy to dealing with a teenager. Helped me be a wife, a homeowner, a good friend and settled many discussions!! It has helped my business with advertising and recommendations. I have used the job board to hire people. I have written an article to help people decide and I have read many an article to help me. I have been to most playgrounds mentioned and often look at the What’s On: This Weekend. I love that NSM is local and has a strong community feel. I love that there are always people out there willing to help others and also the Mumma’s that are willing to have a laugh at their own lives!! Thank you NSMs! – Lisa
  19. ‘North Shore Mums has made (and continues to make) parenting easier. It’s the first place I turn to for recommendations for absolutely anything and everything. It has yet to disappoint. When I’m having those days when I just want to drown myself in wine (and whine), going on the page makes me feel that I’m not alone and parenting is hard but infinitely easier when you know you’ve got a whole network of mums that have your back. It’s awesome.’ – Maria, Artarmon.
  20. ‘As a new parent I started following this page since I become pregnant. It was giving me encouraging ideas of how to deal with pregnancy, how to look after myself while pregnant. Later on we moved from north shore not far away but, but still keep on following the page. All these articles about kids friendly places to eat, playgrounds to visit and activities to do with my family keeps me and my family going back to north shore doing various activities around. Now my baby boy is 13 months old:)’ – Martina, Abbotsford.
  21. I came from the UK with a two week old baby and no friends or family. North Shore Mums was recommended to me and from here my entire network of mum friends was built through joining a mums group and reaching out to other mums in the same situation as me. Two years on and we have just had our second son and have a network of beautiful friends supporting us. Thank you so much, forever grateful’ – Michelle, Chatswood.
  22. ‘Motherhood brings about many unknowns, joys and bumps in the raising of children and it’s been great to have a support network of others who have been through similar situations to bounce ideas off, encourage and at times lament with. I have found it super helpful having Notth Shore Mums as a ‘go to’ when I have needed some help raising my children and navigating through their journeys. Thanks to all those who make this group happen!’ – Olivia, Pymble
  23. NSM have helped me get out of the house with my kids and discover new places. Your reviews always seem genuine and so accurate. There is never a day in our house where we are stuck with what to do or where to go, I just jump on your facebook site and straight away I have all these amazing ideas popping into my head. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything!’ – Pia, Lindfield
  24. From what to pack when going to hospital to give birth; to what car would suit when that one baby becomes two; and who makes the best cakes when your baby has their first party; to helping their transition (and yours) when you share your babies with the brave new world of school; to sharing sadness, laughter & days of happiness; to eventually becoming just like one of those mums on NSMs who gives great advice, just like the advice you received when you made your first post.’ – Renee, Beacon Hill.
  25. ‘I’d say it’s given me balance during this parenting stage – whether it be its offering of a great range of opinions on which to make my own final parenting decision; or showing me that for every post where the grass looks greener, there’s just as many doing it far tougher; or strengthening my social media etiquette and teaching me to take the time to provide a thoughtful observation or an on-the-money gag, or conclude it’s just not my time to ‘talk’ and better to just ‘listen’.’ Sally, Warrawee
  26. NSM has been one of the most helpful Facebook groups for me – thank you to all of you guys for running it and doing it so well. The number of times I have used the search function for a whole host of parenting (and other) issues on NSM and actually gotten results has been awesome and validated the fact that I’m not the only person wondering about these issues!’ – Sharara
  27. Moving here in May last year and being told by my friends to get a facebook account after all these years – I know!! – was one of the best things I did. I was never a fan of social media, but after joining the North Shore Mums group, it has been wonderful and helped me so much! I feel I can post any question and will always get a response. It has enabled me to figure things out living in a new country. My friends and I have also taken advantage of the fantastic mum’s evening social events!’ – Shelly
  28. North Shore Mums is ‘The village it takes to raise a child ‘, the go to place for so many mums needing advice, reassurance or recommendations (particularly on cleaners and where to stay in Fiji…) and a solid community of 30,000 people all on this journey aka rollercoaster called parenthood. The number of times I have simply taken notice of a particular thread is innumerable. There’s a wealth of knowledge to be had at our literal fingertips thanks to NSM. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!’ – Siobhàn, Frenchs Forest
  29. First time mum to a now 7 month old baby boy and NSM has helped me through the tough initial stages of having a baby and feeling a bit isolated and lost. The sense of community and willingness to help other mums is amazing and I’ve found myself searching through posts whenever I have a question- everyone’s experience is better than asking google! Thanks NSM’ – Sophie, North Willoughby
  30. I arrived to Neutral Bay with my young family after living in Los Angeles for 13 years. I was navigating a new country and community with tiny children and felt overwhelmed and lost. North Shore Mums provided me with instant tips on what to do in the area, fun events, and timely articles to keep me grounded as a mum. My family and I would not have done half of the fun things in the past 3 years without NSM.’ Susie, Neutral Bay.

If you’re a winner, you can expect to receive your free Family Pass to Taronga Zoo in the mail in the next 1-2 weeks. Congratulations, and hope you have an incredible time! 


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