family counselling
family counselling


Support groups for parents of children with ADHD and ASD level 1

Date : 4 May, 2020 to 8 October, 2020

Time : 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Address : Sydney NSW, Australia

Suburb : Sydney

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Event Description

Join Family Therapist Jacqueline McDiarmid at her support online support session.

Are you a parent of a child or teen with ADHD or ASD level 1?  

Would you like to join a small support group made up of other parents and an experienced Family Therapist? 

Would you like a safe, non-judgemental way to learn new techniques for parenting your child and managing tricky situations?  

Jacqueline McDiarmid is a Family Therapist who has been in practice for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience working with families where there is a presentation of ADHD and ASD level 1.  She has identified that most parents of these kids struggle with the same types of situations and issues – with many feeling isolated or struggling emotionally. People in this situation can find it difficult to socialise and/or be honest with other parents who don’t face ADHD or ASD challenges. 

For this reason, Jacqueline has decided to offer a small support group, which she will facilitate. Parents in the group will benefit from some empathetic emotional support and ideas from the other parents who attend, and Jacqueline will share her expertise with the group. That might mean giving parents direct guidelines and suggestions on how to parent their child/teen in different contexts. And importantly, how to maintain connected family relationships.

This group will run online via internet Zoom (video conferencing). It’s intended the sessions will be a combination of self-disclosure support work and parenting help. The groups are arranged according to the age of the children, so that support and education is relevant for each group.

Parents of teens (online)

Online meetings from 4.30-6.30pm

  • Monday 4 May 
  • Monday 1 June 
  • Monday 29 June 
  • Monday 3 August 
  • Monday 31 August 
  • Monday 28 September

      To create safety amongst group members, and to make sure everyone gets maximum benefit from the experience, group participants are asked to commit to six meetings. Prospective members will be interviewed – informally – to ascertain their suitability. 

      For more information about the support groups, dates and costs, please email Jacqueline at [email protected]  

      To find out more about Jacqueline McDiarmid, please visit

      Closing date to apply for these groups is 31 March 2020

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