The Nannas and The Poppas – ABC Kids Newest Hit! – Dee Why RSL

Date : 7 July 2021

Time : 11:00 am - 11:45 am

Address : Dee Why RSL, Pittwater Road, Dee Why NSW, Australia

Suburb : Dee Why

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Event Description

We’re all set for A Big Animal Adventure with The Nannas and The Poppas Wednesday 7 July, from 111am to 11.45am.
The Nannas and The Poppas are the new kids on the block of children’s entertainment–and they’ve become a huge hit on ABC Kids TV! They are five real grandparents who are joined in their recycling barn by kids from the local community who love to sing and dance with them! All of their music has been written by John Field who has written more than 450 hits for The Wiggles.
It’s not surprising that The Nannas and The Poppas have become such an instant hit. Grandparents are a big deal in little kids lives, with more than 61% of young children being looked after by a grandparent every week. Despite this, The Nannas and The Poppas is the first live action music series to feature grandparents in Australia–no wonder it has grandparents, parents and little ones dancing together in front of their screens.
The Nannas and The Poppas first ever tour, A Big Animal Adventure will be appearing across Sydney during the June/July school holidays. The show invites the kids to join the cast as they go looking for their lost pet elephant-elephants can be very tricky to find. Along the way they fly like birds, roar like tigers, swing like monkeys, chomp like friendly alligators and they even learn how to super bunny hop!
The Nannas and The Poppas Big Animal Adventure shares 45 mins of dancing, singing, and huge dollops of laughter and imagination. It’s the perfect show for the entire family–grandma, grandad, mum and dad will also find themselves laughing and dancing along with the kiddies.

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Event Information

Dee Why

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Maree Kirkland-Morris

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