Easy, delicious dinners delivered to you by Marley Spoon!

Inside the Marley Spoon delivery box
Inside the Marley Spoon delivery box

If you’ve thought about trying a recipe-and-ingredient delivery service but you’re just not sure how it works, or if it would be right for you, this roadtest of Marley Spoon by Maryka Stalley may convince you to try them out! 

One of my pet hates is having to think about what to cook for dinner every… single…night! Despite that, I had never ordered from a recipe and fresh food supplier before, so jumped at the opportunity to try Marley Spoon.

I am a busy mum of three kids, so dinners usually consist of meat and veggies or something out of a jar! But with Marley Spoon, I had dinner organised for the next two nights, plus all the ingredients I needed were delivered fresh to my doorstep.  I was really looking forward to having one less thing to think about each morning and testing out Marley Spoon’s offering!

How Marley Spoon works

Unlike other ‘recipe & ingredient’ delivery services, Marley Spoon actually allows you to choose the meals you want to cook for the week. Families get five choices and the two-people option has seven options.

Another great thing about Marley Spoon is that you can decide on how many meals you would like to be delivered on a week-to-week basis. One week you may want two meals, the next week you may want four meals, depending on what else is happening in your life. It’s completely flexible!

I chose two dinners which I would normally not cook, but I knew they were meals that my kids would most likely eat:

  • Chicken burgers with zucchini and aioli
  • Satay Beef  Skewers with lime cabbage


Customers are given three delivery slots and the food comes in a chilled box, so you don’t need to worry if you’re not home to accept delivery.

What was even better was that my order arrived at my doorstep the day I got home from a short holiday! It was perfect timing, since I was still in holiday mode and I didn’t even need to worry about what I had to cook for the next two nights. Amazing!

In the box

When I opened the box, I was greeted by two separate brown paper bags with the recipe card and all ingredients separated for each day. The food was pre-packaged and weighed ready for you to cook away. Too easy!

Inside the Marley Spoon delivery box

Inside the Marley Spoon delivery box

Cooking the meals

The step-by-step instructions were accompanied by photos, and were really easy to follow. The concept was such a novelty for my kids, that they were fighting over who got to help me prepare the meal!

As everything is pre-packaged and weighed, there was no food wastage either.

The kids had fun preparing the dinner

The kids had fun preparing the dinner

The Verdict

As a family of five (two adults and three young kids), I didn’t know if the family pack would be sufficient, but it was more than enough. The kids ate all their dinner and the freshness of the meals was amazing! The kids have even asked me to cook these meals for them again!

I’m a convert! The convenience and ease of the whole process gets a thumbs up and I will definitely be taking advantage of this great concept of having someone else creating the menu and providing all ingredients for me!

Keen to try Marley Spoon for yourself? Click here to go to the Marley Spoon website.


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