Knicked (a mash up of knickers and period)

As a mum with daughters, my mission was to make the transition from pre-puberty to periods easy, safe and stress free without the need for one-use disposables. At the time there was no tween or teen options available in pre or period underwear, so I set about doing lots of research into materials and technology and produced what today is known as Knicked: a pre (light absorbency) and period (heavy absorbency) underwear that was designed especially for a girls body shape that was also super comfortable and looked just like regular underwear.

Knicked pre-period underwear prevents the worry of finding out menarche (a first period) has started by stains on clothing or worse and once regular trying to change pads in a busy school cubicle with very little privacy wouldn’t be pleasant, especially for the many girls having to manage periods in their primary school years.

Knicked offers girls the highest absorbency in the market of up to 60mls (6-8 soaked pads or tampons) giving up to 10 hrs protection from leaks, stains, odours and has protection to the top of the waistband at the back, so no leaks higher up which is common with other brands.

Knicked makes every day (period or not) just so normal and easy. Pop on a pair in the morning and you’re 100% protected and ready for the day.

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