What is Super-Rewards?

Super-Rewards is an online shopping platform where retailers pay cash rewards into your super fund. Women make 80% of household purchasing decisions, so 180+ of Australia’s leading retailers pay you an average of 5% of your transaction every time you shop.

How it works

Every time you shop on Super-Rewards – for groceries, clothing, school items, electronics, insurance,  beauty, health – you will earn cash rewards from the retailers. We pay these rewards into your existing super fund or SMSF on a monthly basis. It’s free to join, and there are no upfront charges. Super-Rewards is a corporate authorised representative of an Australian Financial Services Licence.

Why Us

Super-Rewards is designed by mums, and with mums in mind. When mums are busy raising children, they’re often not in the workforce – and with no income, this also means no super. Super-Rewards is designed for women but open to any gender.  Our goal is to help women and men disadvantaged by the super system, to have a more comfortable retirement.

Our Retailers

We have more than 180 retailers who are willing to pay cash into your super.  As a Super-Rewards member, we offer members-only deals as an extra to all the major regular deals on the retailers’ websites.

Please visit our website for more information and a complete list of our retailers


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