At My Money Sorted our goal is to make life easier for 5 million Aussies by helping them make better money decisions, achieve their biggest goals, and secure the things they care about most in life.

To achieve this, our digital platform provides you with simple steps for growing your wealth, protecting your most valuable assets, and having the kind of life you want for your family. Learn about the most important money matters and topics like:

  • Superannuation 
  • Home loans 
  • Personal insurance
  • Investments
  • Personal Loans
  • Property
  • Financial Planning 

Plus, access to the best financial calculators and comparison tools. Use them for FREE, ditch the complicated spreadsheets and save yourself hours!

We cover everything you’ll need to know to get your money sorted. From the best insurance options to tips on how to save money wisely, to insights on how best to manage your investments for a secure future.


Wondering if My Money Sorted is a worthwhile resource for you and your family?

My Money Sorted is an invaluable resource if these questions and topics are ever on your mind:

What can I be doing to save more on big monthly expenses like my home loan? And should we even be prioritising paying off our home loan or buying an investment property?


I want to start investing, but feel overwhelmed about where to start…


What should I be doing with my super to ensure I’m on track for a better retirement in the future?


What options do I have for funding my kids’ education?


What are the best ways to start a second income and take a step back from work?


I want to know my family will be protected if anything happens to me or my spouse, but I’m not sure what cover we need, or if we even have cover at all…!




As a team dedicated to providing answers to the burning questions Aussies have about their finances, these are just some of the common money questions that My Money Sorted’s upcoming 30 Minute Recipes for Money Success education program will provide you with straightforward answers to.     

30 Minute Recipes for Money Success will help you to get ahead with the most important aspects of your finances with simple-to-follow, easy actionable steps – just like following a recipe card!

Plus, for a limited time only, you can sign up for FREE!

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