Kitl is the matchmaking platform for flexible professionals and hirers. Freelancers, sole traders, part-time and project gigs.

Kitl replaces traditional ‘word of mouth’ hiring with fast profile matches and hyper-local mapping to quickly show where the right talent for your job are.

An online, do-it-yourself, match-making platform for today’s agile hirer – described by the press as the ‘Tinder’ for jobs!

There are no upfront costs or deposits to get started. It’s free to search and shortlist talent matches. And there’s no minimum job size, so whether you have a niggling job on your To-Do list, or you’re looking to add a new part-time person to your team – now you can find who you need easily.

With streamlined admin and payments, and backed up by 100% labour-hire compliance, now flexible work really is as simple as search, connect and hire.

Whether you’re a side hustler, freelancer, sole trader, consultant or looking to temp but don’t know where to begin – this is the place to start!

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