Transform your everyday parenting challenges with connection & fun.

I’m Helena Mooney, a local parenting coach, and I can support you to help your baby or child with their sleep, behaviour, anxieties, etc.  

Whatever the problem, connection is the answer.  But it’s not always easy to do, especially when your child is pushing all your buttons.  So learn what’s really going on for them, what they’re needing and what you can do to turn things around.  My approach is practical, empathic, respectful and fun.

BABY: 0 – 12 months
– Aware Parenting Babies Online Course
– Baby Sleep Package

– Annoying to AMAZING! Online Course
– Better Bedtimes Sleep Package
– Aggressive Behaviour Package

PRIMARY SCHOOL: 6-12 years
– Annoying to AMAZING! Online Course
– Transform School Struggles with Play
– Sleep Package
– Aggressive Behaviour Package

1:1 Consultations available 

You really CAN transform your parenting challenges so receive the support you need to do so.  

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